Premium cloud infrastructure

Our powerful, lightning-fast cloud hosting platform is built using AMD EPYC CPUs & incredibly fast NVMe SSDs! Scalable and flexible servers that aim to meet customer expectations while also delivering exceptional service.

We accept Bitcoin since 2014

Protect your privacy and pay for your server anonymously with BTC, through the Bitcoin Lightning Network or by using Litecoin! Discreet and borderless, crypto payments are accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. We don’t use any third-party gateways and have our own custom Bitcoin payment processing implementation to further protect your privacy.

Your privacy & security are our top priority

We at VPSBG don't use any 3rd-party cookies or tracking software anywhere on our site in order to protect your privacy! We also offer strong server security as well as data & information protection for all of our customers.

We are located in Eastern Europe

Our cloud infrastructure and HQ are situated in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia, which is a very privacy-friendly location. We are connected to multiple global Tier 1 providers through a number of exchange points that guarantee fantastic network connectivity and stability.

Low-latency and reliable network

Incredible, very well-connected and reliable network. High speeds, low-latency. 10Gbps ports.

Advanced DDoS Protection

We also offer an optional 2 Tbps DDoS protection that can protect your website or application from large attacks.

Additional Software Licenses

Get extra software licenses for your cloud servers! Windows Server, Office 365, RDS, cPanel and more!

Trusted by developers and businesses from over 80 countries

10+ Amazing years in the hosting industry, built with passion!

24/7 Technical support to monitor and resolve any issues!

99.99% Uptime - you can be sure your business will always be online!

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Payment methods we accept:
Lightning Network (Bitcoin)
Credit card
Bank transfer