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Our story

Established in 2013, VPS.BG is a Bulgarian local hosting company with the main goal to provide exceptional hosting services and strong privacy. From the very beginning, our passion for cloud technologies led to continuous search for improvement and innovation in the hosting sphere. Being also privacy-minded, we are relentless about protecting our customers’ personal data. This resulted in a well-built and secure infrastructure - the foundation of the reliable performance hosting services that our customers enjoy.

VPS.BG is entirely self-funded and privately owned. In pursuing our dreams to build a great hosting service, we are completely dedicated and there are no outside investors that may pressure us to shift direction. All of our profit is constantly reinvested in the company's future improvement. We frequently upgrade our infrastructure with the latest generation hardware and network equipment.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are genuinely passionate about Linux systems, networks and hosting platforms. We do what we love on a daily basis, that's the secret essence of our dedication. There are constant changes in the cloud and DevOps space and we seek new opportunities for improvement, so having a strong interest and never-ending curiosity for all tech innovations is what stands behind our success. And we still have the same fire and enthusiasm to invest our time into research and development.

As a local Bulgarian business, our office, data center and servers are all located in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia, a major IT hub in Eastern Europe with enormous tech culture. Bulgaria also has a relaxed regulatory approach to data surveillance and therefore is a desirable place for those seeking hosting with better privacy protection. We, at VPS.BG, believe that the right to privacy is a fundamental human right and we are very protective when it comes to personal information. We have a strong confidentiality policy and have implemented extensive data security measures. Also, we do not use any third-party cookies on our website.

This is our recipe for robust, high-performance servers and we will continue striving for providing services that we are proud of.



Our hardware and network infrastructure are located in a state-of-the-art Data Center located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It includes all systems needed for a 100% uptime environment: UPS & generators, water & dust detection systems, fire suppression systems, 24/7 security and much more.


Our servers are connected to several large Tier 1 networks and also the largest Internet exchange points in Europe. Multiple redundancies on network devices and routes ensure high reliability and minimal network loss. Check out details on our Network page.

Our Platform

Our hardware is based on a powerful Supermicro platform with the latest AMD EPYC™ CPU @ 3.3GHz and DDR4 3200MHz ECC memory for high-end performance. Nodes also include enterprise SSD storage with fast read/write in RAID10 redundancy and dual port LAN 10GBase-T for high network throughput.

Optional DDoS protection

We offer advanced cloud DDoS Protection from various network and application denial-of-service attacks. It protects your service from large volumetric attacks (1.8Tbps+) and our firewall constantly evolving algorithms detect and stop most types of attacks before they reach your server.


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