Easy Activation & Installation

All software licenses are easy to set up and activate so that you can save time and focus on managing your server!

VPSBG Is An Official SPLA Partner

We are an official Microsoft SPLA partner, meaning that you can purchase Microsoft software licenses directly from us at an affordable price!

Low Prices

Save money by getting Microsoft software licenses for your Windows Server at much lower prices!

Microsoft Office LTSC Standard

€20/user per month

Get a Microsoft Office license from us today! Easily install the software on your cloud server and start simplifying your workflow!

Easy activation.
You can easily activate your license with just a few commands!
Simple installation.
You will have to manually set up Microsoft Office on your cloud server by following our easy step-by-step guide!
Includes the essentials.
Each Office LTSC license comes with all of the essentials - Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher & Access.
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

RDS for your Windows Server

€11/user per month

Buy an additional RDS license for your Windows VPS or VDS and start managing your server remotely!

Remote access.
Connect to your Windows server from anywhere in the world and manage it on the go!
Manage your server.
You can enable user authentication encryption for your server. You can also configure access control.
Extra RDP sessions.
You get up to 2 RDP sessions for each Windows server. You can get additional sessions with a RDS license.

Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Buy a fast, secure and reliable Windows VPS server today! Premium AMD EPYC CPUs & lightning-fast NVMe SSD storage for exceptional performance! Remote desktop access and a cheap server license included!

SSD Variant:
Windows Server:
Available server templates:
Windows Server 2016/2019/2022, or your own ISO

Looking for a Windows VDS?

We offer Windows-based virtual dedicated servers, supercharged with dedicated AMD EPYC cores. Check them out!

Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a license and install it on another server?

No, each software license that you buy from us can only be installed on our own cloud servers. For more information please check out our terms and conditions.

Are the licenses automatically installed on Windows server?

No, you will have to manually activate your license and install the software on your server. However, you can follow our easy step-by-step tutorials.

What Windows Server versions do you offer?

You can currently get a cloud VPS or VDS server with Windows Server 2016, 2019 & 2022.

How much does a Windows Server license cost?

We charge €5 per CPU core per month excluding VAT.

Can I pay for the licenses using Bitcoin?

Yes, of course! You can pay for all of our services using Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, we highly encourage crypto payments as they are much more secure and offer better privacy protection. We even have our own personal BTC payment processing implementation!

Does VAT apply for European Union customers?

VPS.BG is required to collect VAT (Value Added Tax) for customers that reside in the EU. VAT is not charged to Business or Charity customers that provide a valid VAT registration. You may enter your VAT registration in your customer portal's settings section. Our prices do not include VAT - VAT will be added to your invoice as a separate line item.

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