How to setup an additional IP address in Windows based VPS / VDS?

If you have purchased an additional IP address on your Windows-based VPS or VDS you will have to manually configure it in the Windows platform. You can purchase an additional IP address through our client area and it will be activated automatically.

Getting started

Please make sure you have activated an additional IP address and you have all the details you need to make it active on your machine(IP, gateway IP, and subnet).  Connect to your server using RDP and using the main IP of the server.

Assigning an Additional Static IP on Windows

  1. Search for Control panel in the Windows search and open it. Then click on Network And for the control panel
  2. Click on Network And Sharing center and after that click on Change adapter settings located on the left side menu. You should see one network network
  3. Right-click on this network adapter and click on Properties. Choose an item, called Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click the Properties button.use properties
  4. Click on the radio button called Use the following IP address and click on the radio button Use the following DNS server addresses. Now we will set up your main IP address statically. Up to now, it was given by DHCP. In the first field enter your IP address, in the second - subnet, third - gateway IP. If your IP, for example, is, we will enter this IP in the first field. In the second we will enter this: and the gateway IP is The DNS servers we recommend to use are the Google ones ( and So the configuration should look like this:add IP address
  5. Click the Advanced button. A new window will be opened and in the section, IP addresses click the Add button. In the newly opened window enter your additional IP address info - IP and subnet. For this example, we will add this IP: The subnet is the IP
  6. Click OK several times and click the Close button. Your connection to the server will be interrupted for less than a 1 minute and you will be reconnected if the configuration is okay.

The setup of an additional IP address is ready and now you can use it.

Let us know if you have any trouble adding an additional IP address to your Windows-based VPS or VDS.

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