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KVM VPS with AMD EPYC processors


More power and more speed thanks to optimized infrastructure with the fastest and high performance 2-gen AMD EPYC processors and Enterprise SSD storage. Our VPS service is a practical solution for a wide range of applications, demanding websites, proxies or VPN, and many more requiring a flexible environment. Scalability is no issue - you can upgrade at any time.

Dedicated instances - KVM based VDS

The KVM VDS offers resources allocated to you with no noisy neighbours. You can rent a server with dedicated resources based on KVM virtualization including fast install and reinstall, easy upgrade with minimal downtime, etc. The CPU cores allocated are the physical AMD EPYC CPU cores of the server and are not shared with other customers. This means you can always use 100% CPU and do it 24/7 if you need it.
Dedicated instances based on KVM


Container-based VPS hosting with better efficiency regarding resources - you get double resources compared to KVM VPS for the same price. The service is recommended for developers and dev environments as well as projects with lower budgets or needs (e.g. blogs, small websites, VPN servers, etc). The Linux kernel version is restricted to 2.6.32.

Shared hosting in the SSD Cloud

We carefully configure and optimize our platform to provide you with ultra-fast and reliable web hosting that does not require you to have any system administration experience or knowledge and manage your hosting with the convenient cPanel control panel provided for free. For high performance and speed, we use LiteSpeed web server and LSCache, MariaDB, Redis cache, and many more! Daily remote backups are included and free of charge.
VPSBG.eu shared web hosting

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