Automated DDoS Mitigation

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is any malicious attempt to fully or partially impair the service or the access to your server. Most of the attacks are volumetric and in order to filter them, massive bandwidth capacity and special hardware firewalls are required. Most virtual servers are unprotected and even small DDoS attacks can render them unavailable. You can find out more about this in our blog.

How does it work?

Our Cloud Security protection platform detects suspicious and abnormal traffic activity automatically and filters malicious packets before they can do any harm to the server. With continuously evolving AI algorithms and updates for the latest threats, it is a very sophisticated DDoS protection that mitigates all types of attacks, even the big volumetric attacks (1.8Tbps+).



VPSBG Secure Cloud Firewall



Intelligent. Reliable. Cost-effective.

Stops big attacks (1.8Tbps+)
Filter against very large volumetric attacks.
Secure Cloud detection system with AI
Automatic mitigation of all types of attacks based on protocol and application layer.
Low latency
No increase in latency - the same fast network, but with DDoS protection.

Anti-DDoS pricing

Our real-time DDoS protection is available as an optional add-on service:

  • DDoS protection for Shared Hosting
    per month
    DDoS protection is included with every shared hosting plan.
  • DDoS protection for VPS/VDS servers
    per month
    You can order the DDoS protection as additional product from your client area.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to order and enable the DDoS protection?

    You can order the protection as an addon in your service page. When you order it, we will send you a DDoS protected IP address. You have to use this IP for your website or application in order to have attacks filtered.

  • Does the protection filter also Layer 7 (Application layer) attacks?
  • What if my server is attacked but I do not have DDoS protection?
  • Does the DDoS protection increase the latency?