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VPSBG cookie policy

No 3-rd party cookies

We don’t use any 3-rd party cookies anywhere on our website. We are dedicated to protecting our customers’ privacy at all costs, which is why we avoid any foreign cookies. We don’t track your activities and we would never share any session information.

Only for essential website functionalities

We only use first-party cookies for important website functionalities like managing login sessions, setting language preferences and others.

Fully GDPR compliant

Our website and services operate in accordance with all European GDPR and data privacy regulations.

VPSBG Cookies

All VPSBG cookies are strictly and solely first-party. All cookies are strictly necessary in order for our website to work as intended and to ensure our customers’ security and privacy. Our cookies can be easily identified as they are being saved either for secure.vpsbg.eu or www.vpsbg.eu domains. The following are all VPSBG cookies and their intended use:


Identifies your session


"Remember me" functionality


"Affiliate" functionality


Prevents cross-site request forgery

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