How does our affiliate program work?

Join our program

If you don’t have a VPSBG account, you can easily register! Once you have signed up, open up your client profile and you will then see your affiliate link!

Promote our services

You can share your affiliate link on your website, blog, social media profile or any other website and online platform. You can also use our advertising materials to enhance your promotion.

Start earning

When customers make a purchase through your affiliate link or referral code, you will receive a % of their combined total server cost each month! You can withdraw your earnings once you’ve made at least €50.

How much can you earn?

You earn a percent of the combined server total cost of all of your referred customers. The more people you refer, the higher your payout is going to be!

Orders under €100
Orders between €100 and €500
Orders between €500 and €2000
Orders over €2000

Benefits of joining our program

Get a % commission based on all referred customers

You get a % of the server cost for all of your customers that place an order with your affiliate link each month! Commission only applies for the cost of each service and does not include any server addons!

Recurring monthly commission

You will receive your commission based on your referred customers’ combined total server cost on the same date each month.

Withdraw your earnings

You can use your commission to either pay for your hosting services but you can also request a withdrawal as long as you have earned at least €50!

It’s free - join and start promoting

It is completely free to join our program! No initial investment or technical experience required! Simply promote our services and start earning money!

Free advertising materials

You can use the advertising materials from our media kit to promote our services and refer more potential customers! You can also contact us for other types of advertising media.

Monitor your performance

You can easily track your affiliate performance through our affiliates management page!

Frequently asked questions

When and how can I withdraw my commission?

The commission for affiliate partnership is released 45 days after the payment by the referred customer. You can request a withdrawal if the amount is at least 50 EUR.

Do I have to be a customer of your services?

No, you just need to register on our website.

Can I use my earnings to pay for services?

Of course, you can! The commissions are added to your account balance, and you can use it to pay for our products and services.

I have referred customers, but my account balance has not increased. What should I do?

If 45 days have passed since the purchase, and the customer was referred using your affiliate link, you should see the referral already. There can be various reasons for this issue:

- The service was canceled prematurely.
- The service is not renewed.
- The referred customer cleared the browser cookies or used another browser.

If you think there has been a mistake, please contact us at

If the same customer was referred by several partners, which one gets the bonus?

If a customer visits our website using several referral links, the commission will be credited to the last visit, using the very last link.

I would like different partnership terms, can we negotiate?

Yes, we are open to different terms and partnership solutions. Please contact us at

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