We ("VPS.BG", "VPS.BG Ltd.", "us" or "our") are a Microsoft SPLA licensed partner. This allows us to license and deliver Microsoft Software for our hosting services.

Microsoft Software Terms of use (“MS Terms”) incorporates by reference your Customer Terms of Service Agreement ("Agreement"). All terms not specifically defined in these MS Terms shall have the corresponding meaning provided in the Agreement.

Inquiries regarding the MS Terms should be directed to legal@vps.bg.

1. Use of Microsoft Software

Any Microsoft Software products can be used in accordance with the Agreement and the Microsoft End User License Terms located at http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/. By ordering Microsoft products, the Client and its End Users agrees to be bind with Microsoft End User License Terms.

2. Fees

For the use of the ordered Microsoft products, Client pays a rental fee to VPS.BG, which is calculated on a monthly basis. The payment for Microsoft software cannot be less than the monthly fee, even if the service is used for less than a month. The license is valid only for the payment period and only for the server it is applied for. VPS.BG reserves the right to change prices without a prior notice.

3. Access and licensing

VPSBG may access the Client’s service in order to apply licensing and conduct audit as obligated by Microsoft SPLA. The Client agrees to permit and allow such accessand in case of a refusal to provide administrative access to all servers with pre-installed Microsoft Windows Server operating system, VPS.BG reserves the right to suspend such services.

4. Microsoft License Mobility

If Client plans to install other Microsoft software, the Client agrees to provide VPS.BG with a filled-out Microsoft License Mobility Form beforehand.

5. Limitation of Liability

The Client is responsible for direct damages incurred by using the services and Microsoft Software, use, copying, access, distribution of or other similar actions with Microsoft products purchased other than from VPS.BG.

6. Breach of Obligations

In all cases, the Client remains directly liable to Microsoft for any breach of the obligations provided for in these MS Terms and the Agreement. The Client understands that Microsoft, as the holder of the rights to Microsoft software, can control and supervise compliance with the provisions of this Section of these Terms of Service, and, by ordering the Services, agrees that information about the Client, the Agreement with the Client may be transferred to Microsoft if Microsoft requests so.

Part of this agreement and terms is also:
END USER LICENSE TERMS, located at: https://www.vpsbg.eu/ms-eult.pdf

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