Our servers are located in Sofia, Bulgaria

Advantageous Location

Our infrastructure is situated in SDC, the most modern and advanced datacenter in Sofia, Bulgaria. Having a fault–tolerant, maintainable design and fully redundant infrastructure, the facility is carrier-neutral and guarantees high availability for all services.

100% Uptime

It has an exceptional track record, managing to offer 100% availability in terms of power supply. Additionally, it also meets all requirements such as temperature, humidity, dust levels, internet connectivity and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS & power generators). Every aspect of the datacenter and its systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure that everything operates smoothly without any interruptions.

Strong Security

In terms of security, there are physical guards on site with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Also, there are multiple access control points and rack cabinets can be locked individually to make sure that all security standards are met.

Global Connectivity

SDC is a major cross-connection center, being linked to hundreds of different providers and worldwide operators. The datacenter is also the Bulgarian host of the Global Internet Exchange - NetIX.

SDC in Sofia, Bulgaria

What makes SDC the perfect datacenter?

On-site security. SDC features, manned security, a CCTV network, facility access control as well as motion sensors for maximum protection.

Innovative Facilities. SDC is one of the newest datacenters in Europe, designed to fit its purpose since early development, featuring a 2200 sq.m. area, 0.5 m raised floor with seismic resistance (EMS).

Power Supply & AC. The DC is equipped with two independent sources of electric power supply, each being able to cover 100% of the load as well as a Redundant (N+1) free cooling AC, 72h backup diesel generators, 2(N+1) UPS subsystems and cold aisle containment.

Fire & Flood Protection. The most modern and advanced fire and water detection and prevention installations featuring VESDA®, IG55® and FM200® fire suppression gas systems. There are also water detection systems and preventive maintenance procedures are constantly carried out to ensure safety.

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