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A self-hosted VPN is a virtual server that is equipped with a fast and secure VPN protocol, allowing you to have your own private VPN server!

What do you get?

  • Dedicated Static IP
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Full Control
  • Complete Transparency
  • Verifiable No Logs Policy
  • Port Forwarding

Secure & Reliable

€12.50 /month

To Pricing

Billed annually

Installation Methods

When it comes to setting up your self-hosted VPN server, you can choose between our 1-click WireGuard VPN app template and a fully manual installation!

WireGuard VPN App Template

Get a self-hosted WireGuard VPN server up and running automatically in just a few minutes!

  • 1-Click Installation
  • Automatic Setup
  • Easy & Saves Time
  • Runs on WireGuard VPN
  • Open-Source Installation Script
  • Secure by Design
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Custom VPN Protocol

Manually install your preferred VPN software on our cloud servers!

  • Powerful Virtual Servers
  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Strong Privacy Protection
  • Full Control Over The Installation
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Stay Anonymous. Stay Secure. Stay Transparent.

A self-hosted VPN server comes equipped with a number of advantages in comparison to most commercial solutions, with one of their greatest strengths being the ability to protect your privacy at all times.

Dedicated Static IP

You get a personal dedicated static IP with your private VPN server rather than having to use a shared one. There is no IP sharing meaning that your access won’t be restricted because of other people!

Isolation for security. Unlimited devices.

The VPN runs on your own private VPS that only you have access to, resulting in better privacy and unlimited device connections. This makes a self-hosted VPN cost-efficient in the long run as you will not have to pay extra for each device that you wish to connect to your server.

Full control over your privacy

You are the ruler of your private VPN setup, allowing you to remain secure and anonymous. You choose who has access to your server as well as whether you’d like to store any information, which results in better protection of your privacy.

Verifiable no logs policy

Given that you have SSH root access to the server, you can manually check the server configuration and verify that there aren’t any logs of any websites that you visit or files that you download.

Complete transparency

In order to be completely transparent, we use only industry-standard software and open-source applications and protocols. You can find all of our installation scripts in our documentation and GitHub repository.

Location & Network

Your self-hosted VPN server will be located in Bulgaria, meaning strong privacy and data security policies are going to be applied to protect your security at all times! Fast & reliable, fully redundant network with a 10 Gbps port on each node, fantastic connectivity and low latency.

Frequently asked questions

What is a VPN and how can it protect my privacy?

A VPN, short for a virtual private network, is a technology that when utilized changes your current IP address and geographical location by encrypting your connection and traffic. Using a VPN can help protect you against hackers, eavesdroppers and snoopers. Additionally, you can gain access to geo-restricted content such as streamed media and also be able to download particular files and obtain information that you otherwise could not.

Why is it better for my privacy to use a VPN hosted on a VPS?

Traditional VPN providers offer their customers shared IP addresses. While helpful for masking an individual user’s identity, using a shared IP can have negative consequences if some users take part in illegal or suspicious activity. You can avoid this by using a self-hosted VPN server and having a dedicated IP address. Furthermore, standard VPN service providers often have control over the VPN server, meaning that they do have access to your information. When using your own VPN instance, you have complete and independent control over your own server, which increases your security and protects your privacy.

Where are your servers located?

Our infrastructure and network are both physically located in Bulgaria's capital - Sofia. We currently provide servers in only one location due to the fact that our equipment is based here and because we are familiar with the security procedures as well as the standards that are applied at the datacenter. Because of this, we can assure you that you have your privacy securely protected at all times.

Can I use the VPN for torrenting, Netflix or any media?

Yes, downloading torrents, watching Netflix or any other media services are allowed. We do not limit any services/websites, the only limit you have is your internet speed and monthly bandwidth.

How are DNS requests handled?

DNS request and all other traffic is routed and encrypted through the installed protocol on the VPN server, ensuring that your identity remains undisclosed and your privacy - protected.

How do you process Bitcoin payments?

We don’t use a third-party payment gateway. As a matter of fact, we have our own custom Bitcoin payment processing implementation to further protect your privacy.

When you make a payment, a unique BTC address will be generated for your transaction. You will then receive that address and the required amount. The service will wait for at least one successfully transmitted confirmation block. Upon arriving, your VPS server will be deployed.

Where are your servers located? Do you block any ports? Is DMCA ignored? Can I run TOR?

Our servers and network infrastructure are located in Sofia, Bulgaria - Eastern Europe.

We don’t block any ports on our services by default, except for 25 port (SMTP) for new accounts that are deemed high risk or have a total lifetime account deposits of less than 50€.


If this is the case, we may unblock it after reaching total deposits of 50€. This is to guarantee that the IP address will not enter any spam blacklists. If it does, then you will be issued a one-time penalty fee. If you wish to unblock port 25, please open a ticket with details, regarding the request and how you intend to use it.

DMCA is not relevant. However, Bulgarian copyright legislation does apply.

Tor exit nodes are also allowed.

Does VAT apply for European Union customers?

VPSBG is required to collect VAT (Value Added Tax) for customers that reside in the EU. VAT is not charged to Business clients or Charity organizations that can provide a valid VAT registration. You can enter your VAT registration in your customer portal's settings section. Our prices do not include VAT - VAT will be added to your invoice as a separate line item.

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