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How to manage a VPSBG cloud server with WireGuard VPN

Deploy your own, self-hosted VPN server today and start protecting your privacy! Verifiable zero log policy, dedicated IP address and unlimited device connections!

Using a VPN is crucial if you want to protect your privacy. While there are many premium solutions available on the market, you can never be sure whether your online activity is being monitored.

Instead, it is better to use a VPN hosted on a cloud server in order to fully protect your privacy and personal information. This is why we have developed a WireGuard VPN application template that you can utilize to install the protocol on your cloud server with only a few clicks!

We have opted into providing this protocol due to the fact that it is completely free to use, entirely open-source and extremely quick, in fact - WireGuard the fastest VPN protocol on the market. This allows us to remain fully transparent, while also enabling you to manually check and verify that your activity is not being tracked and no information is being recorded.

Additionally, you are also able to manage your server all by yourself, meaning that you can add or remove users as well as assign user permissions.

What does the WireGuard app template include?

When you purchase a cloud server with the WireGuard VPN application template you will receive a completely ready-to-use product. The VPN software will already be installed on your server and the first client (peer) will also be automatically configured, meaning that you can connect and start using your VPN straight away.

You will also need a client to start using your VPN. Our template does not include the client, however, it is entirely free and can be downloaded from the official WireGuard website.

How to connect to your WireGuard VPN server

To protect your privacy and security, we will not be sending the peer configuration via email and it will also not be shown in your client portal on our website. Instead, you will need to connect to your server via SSH and manually copy the config file or scan the available QR code with the device you wish to connect to, although the latter option only applies for mobile devices and tablets.

How to find the config file

To find the client configuration, you will need to connect to your server through SSH and run the following command:

cat client.conf

The configuration file will be displayed on your screen like so:

wireguard config

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the free WireGuard client, you need to do this now. Just make sure to get the installer that matches your device’s operating system.

Next, copy and paste your configuration file into your WireGuard client. Finally, activate the connection by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button as highlighted below and you will be connected to your VPN server.

activate wireguard connection

If you are going to be connecting a mobile device or a tablet, you can also scan the QR code instead of manually copying and pasting the configuration file. To do so, you can run this command on your server:

cat wireguard_qr.txt

You should now see the QR code, which you can scan using the VPN client that you have already installed on your device.

connect to wireguard server with qr code

This will automatically apply the configuration, allowing you to start using the VPN immediately.

How to add more users (peers, accounts) to my VPN server?

Firstly, connect via SSH to your server and enter the following command:


You will be presented with a few options:

how to manage users for wireguard

To add a new configuration file, simply type “1” and hit Enter. You will then be asked to provide a name and choose a DNS server. You can choose any DNS server from the ones provided, however, our recommendation when it comes to protecting your privacy, is to opt for Quad9 or CloudFlare ( as a DNS resolver.

choosing a dns server

That’s it! You will now have the new configuration file saved on your server and the QR code will also be present in the console.

wireguard config added

To display the new configuration file, enter this command:

cat /root/<new-client-name>.conf

You can also use the /root/ command to remove configuration files.

WireGuard VPN installation script 

VPSBG values your privacy and wants you and your personal information to be secure at all times. We want to remain completely transparent when it comes to all of our application templates and the installation scripts that we use to set up each app on your cloud server.

Because of this, we are providing the installation script, which you can find in our VPSBG GitHub repository.

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