How to install a custom ISO on my KVM server?

Custom ISO is a feature that all VPSBG clients with KVM based servers can benefit from. It gives you the ability to install a specific OS which is not officially provided from us or if you just want to take full control over the installation process - encryption, network configuration, etc.

Getting started

To install a custom ISO on your server, you will need access to our control panel - Virtualizor.

The control panel is located on this URL:

If you do not know your login credentials, please sign in the client area and request a new password for Virtualizor (Services -> Details -> Reset the control panel password button). You will receive your new credentials via email.

Adding an ISO

First, you need to click on the link ISO to go to the ISO management page.

The system will redirect you to the page where you can manage all ISOs you add. Click on the button called Add ISO.

On the next page, in the field called ISO URL paste a direct URL to the desired ISO. For example, if you want to install CentOS 7, paste this URL:

The next field will be prefilled after you paste the URL to the ISO file, but if you want to call it with a different name - you can change it. This name is used only for convenience in the control panel.

After you click Add ISO button, the download of the ISO file will begin.

Downloading ISO

Set ISO for a VPS

After the ISO is downloaded (you can check the progress in the ISO management page, column Status), you have to set it to a VPS you want to install on it. Go to the page List VPS on the left side of the menu. Choose a VPS and click the Manage button (the arrow, located on the right).


After you open the VPS Management page, click on the VPS Configuration button.


A modal will be opened. Please set the settings specified in the image below.

After you receive a success message, reboot your server and connect to it via VNC.


Connecting to your server via VNC

Click on the VNC button in the VPS Management panel on the same page.


A modal will be opened, where you can see the VNC host and port. You can connect to your server via VNC client installed on your computer or just press the button Launch HTML 5 VNC Client. Once you click this button, a new browser window will be opened, and you will see your server console. The installation of the ISO will begin.


If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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