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Cloud VPS

Powerful virtual machines that have balanced system resources and AMD EPYC vCPU cores. Website and apps run lightning-fast thanks to NVMe SSD. Secure and reliable cloud servers that are the ideal choice for all types of businesses, projects and applications.

SSD Variant:
Windows Server:

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual dedicated servers with powerful dedicated AMD EPYC vCPU cores, supercharged with NVMe storage for maximum productivity. Flexible, secure and scalable, our VDS servers are the perfect solution for CPU-intensive applications that require consistent performance.

SSD Variant:
Windows Server:

Memory-Optimized VDS

Virtual Dedicated Servers with double the RAM for memory-hungry applications and websites. Maximum performance with the latest, powerful dedicated AMD EPYC CPUs!

SSD Variant:
Windows Server:

Storage-Optimized VDS

Our highest capacity Virtual Dedicated Servers equipped with extra NVMe storage and RAM! These upgraded high-end VDS servers are the top performers and can handle the most demanding usage!

Windows Server:

Additional Products & Services

Choose from a wide range of additional features and customize your cloud server with just a few clicks! Ease your workload, protect your privacy and boost your productivity by further enhancing your server!

Server Snapshots

Restore your server with previous snapshot or use it to clone your server!

Automatic Backups

Automatic weekly server backups. Each image is retained for 3 weeks.

€0.10 per GB
Floating IPs

Attach, detach or swap IPs between your servers to minimize any unexpected downtime.

€2.50 per IP/m.
DDoS Protected IP

Our 1.8 Tbps+ DDoS Protection will shield your server from any large volumetric attacks!

€10 per IP/m.
100 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth

An additional unlimited network feature that is free of charge for most plans.

Free or low price
1 Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth

A fast and reliable network for applications that require a lot of bandwidth.

cPanel Licenses

Get a cPanel license today and start managing your websites and applications!

From €25
Windows Server Licenses

Affordable Windows Server licenses for your cloud VPS and VDS. Available versions include 2016, 2019 & 2022.

€5 per core/m.
Microsoft Office 2021 Standard

Grab Microsoft Office for your cloud Windows Server and get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher & Access!

€20 per user/m.
RDS For Windows Servers

You can have up to 2 active RDP sessions on a Windows Server. You are only charged for any following RDP sessions.

€11 per user/m.

Add-ons can be purchased when you configure your server and trough the client area.

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