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KVM VPS with AMD EPYC processors

KVM VPS - powered by AMD EPYC CPU and NVMe storage

More power and more speed thanks to optimized infrastructure with the fastest and high-performance 2-gen AMD EPYC processors and Enterprise NVMe storage. Our VPS hosting is a practical solution for a wide range of applications: demanding websites, proxy or VPN, docker apps and many more requiring a flexible environment. Scaling is easy and fast.

VDS - Dedicated CPU servers with no noisy neighbours

The Dedicated Instance is similar to a bare metal server with dedicated physical CPU cores allocated to it. It is an enhanced dedicated server based on the KVM virtualization that is flexible and includes fast installation and reinstall, management, easy upgrade with minimal downtime, etc. Backed by AMD EPYC and NVMe, the Virtual Dedicated Servers offer the full dedicated performance, that you can spin to 100% CPU all the time.
Dedicated instances based on KVM
OpenVZ 7 VPS on SSD

OpenVZ VPS - Traditional SSD VPS based on OpenVZ 7

A fast and efficient VPS on full SSD storage and enterprise Intel Xeon CPU. It is a cheaper option for Linux servers thanks to less overhead and more traditional infrastructure. It is based on the container-style virtualization OpenVZ. Scaling is in real-time without the need to reboot.

Shared hosting - an optimized, enterprise-level hosting

We carefully configure and optimize our platform to provide you with ultra-fast and reliable web hosting that does not require you to have any system administration experience or knowledge and manage your hosting with the convenient cPanel control panel provided for free. For high performance and speed, we use LiteSpeed web server and LSCache, Imunify360 (protects from bots and hacking attempts), MariaDB, Redis cache and many more! Daily remote backups are included and free of charge.
VPSBG.eu shared web hosting

A service that we love for you to enjoy and with privacy in mind!

We value your privacy! No 3rd party trackers, no sharing information, highest service security.

We have a strong privacy policy and we even do not use any 3rd-party cookies on our website. Our servers are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is a privacy-friendly location.

Pay securely with cryptocurrencies. No third-party payment gateways.

You can pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin and protect your identity. Discreet and borderless payments accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Optional, advanced and affordable 1.8Tbps+ DDoS protection. Protect your business.

We can provide you with advanced, sophisticated and automated DDoS protection which can protect you from volumetric DDoS attacks (1.8Tbps+).

Fast, low-latency network. 1Gbps port. Always latest technologies and hardware.

Connected to multiple global Tier 1 providers and many exchange points, we deliver great network connectivity and stability. We do what we love and this helps us maintain our hosting platform on the cutting-edge.

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