almalinux is now available

We are pleased to announce that VPSBG is now officially supporting AlmaLinux. This means that if you wish to use AlmaLinux as a replacement for CentOS, now you can have it installed from our template, no need to install it manually with ISO.


What is AlmaLinux?

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about the changes that came to CentOS 8, announced by RHEL. Briefly said, CentOS 8 is dead, CentOS will be called CentOS Stream and it will be an OS that looks like Fedora. The updates will be published on CentOS Stream and then pushed to the Enterprise products of RHEL. 

The community did not accept this fact, and that’s how AlmaLinux was born. AlmaLinux is a CentOS alternative, open-sourced, and free Linux distribution. The OS is 1:1 compatible with CentOS before CentOS Stream. It’s like CentOS, but called AlmaLinux and mainly maintained by the CloudLinux team. 

This project was officially released on March 30, 2021. The system is now in a production state, which means that you can start using it today for your next project. 

This project is backed up by companies like cPanel, Amazon, CloudLinux, Chef, and many others, which gives the project stability and a promising future.


Can’t I just continue to use CentOS 7?

Yes, of course, you can. CentOS 7 will continue to be supported until the summer of 2024. However, if you are creating your infrastructure from scratch now, you should consider installing AlmaLinux from the beginning. 

If you already have CentOS servers, do not worry, you can migrate them to AlmaLinux easily with just a few commands.


How can I install AlmaLinux on my VPS? How can I migrate from CentOS to AlmaLinux?

If you still do not have a VPS from us, you can choose AlmaLinux as an OS during the order process for your next high-performance server. 

If you already have a VPS/VDS service with us and its reinstallation is not possible, we can suggest you migrate your CentOS to AlmaLinux. This can be done with the official almalinux-deploy script.


NOTICE: It is recommended that you make a full backup of the crucial data on this server. Migrating from CentOS to AlmaLinux can be a risky job and it is always a good practice to be prepared.



We will download the script from the AlmaLinux’s repository and set the correct permissions by running these commands:

curl -O 
chmod +x



We will run the script:




A reboot is required, so reboot your system:



If you have any questions regarding AlmaLinux VPS, feel free to contact us.

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