Private VPN server on your own VPS

After you order, a new VPS is automatically deployed just for you and your dedicated VPN.
Our system installs the selected VPN app using an open-source script, which is available on our website.
You receive an email with the VPN credentials and the VPS credentials (SSH).

Each dedicated VPN instance is installed on a separate VPS that only you have access to, making it secure as the system is not shared with others. Our top priority is to protect your privacy and anonymity at all times, while remaining completely transparent. By having root SSH access, you can audit and verify the security of your server and manually check or edit the VPN configuration.

Get a dedicated static IP address for your own VPS and have safe and unrestricted online access. Hide your activity by routing traffic through your personal server, located in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.

dedicated vpn

Anonymous. Secure. Transparent. Your personal VPN server.

Dedicated Static IP
You get a personal dedicated static IP with your private VPN server rather than having to use a shared one.
Isolation for security. Unlimited devices.
The VPN runs on your own private VPS that only you have access to, resulting in better privacy and unlimited device connections.
Full control & Easy setup
You get your very own VPN with just a few clicks. You are the ruler of your private VPN setup, allowing you to remain secure and anonymous.
Verifiable no logs policy
Given that you have SSH root access to the server, you can manually check the server configuration and verify the no-logs settings.
Complete transparency
In order to be completely transparent, we use only industry-standard software and open-source applications and protocols.
Advantageous location
Our private VPN servers are located in Bulgaria. Strong privacy and data security policies are applied to protect your security at all times.

Dedicated VPN Service Plans

Designed with the intention of consistently protecting your privacy, our reliable VPS-powered VPN servers are optimized to handle all traffic levels while also providing you with an exceptional and private online experience.

Monthly plan
12-month plan (You Save 33%)
Server location
Dedicated IP
Network port
Dedicated VPN 1
3 TB/mo. Bandwidth
Sofia Server location
Dedicated IP
1 Gbps Network port
Dedicated VPN 2
6 TB/mo. Bandwidth
Sofia Server location
Dedicated IP
1 Gbps Network port
Dedicated VPN 3
10 TB/mo. Bandwidth
Sofia Server location
Dedicated IP
1 Gbps Network port
Dedicated VPN 4
15 TB/mo. Bandwidth
Sofia Server location
Dedicated IP
1 Gbps Network port
We accept these payment methods:
Bitcoin, Bitcoin (Lightning Network), Litecoin, Credit/Debit card & Bank transfer

Complete transparency for our VPN servers

The following table represents a truly objective comparison between our privacy-oriented, VPN-tailored VPS hosting services and other providers on the market.

VPSBG Dedicated VPNStandard VPN service
Dedicated Static IP
Unlimited Devices
Full Control
Complete Transparency
Crypto Payment Accepted
Verifiable No Logs Policy
Port Forwarding
Multiple Server Locations

Additional VPN Server Information & Useful Links

Learn more about the principles behind our dedicated VPN services through these articles, tutorials and other additional resources from our carefully crafted documentation as well as our blog.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a VPN and how can it protect my privacy?

    A VPN, short for a virtual private network, is a technology that when utilized changes your current IP address and geographical location by encrypting your connection and traffic. Using a VPN can help protect you against hackers, eavesdroppers and snoopers. Additionally, you can gain access to geo-restricted content such as streamed media and also be able to download particular files and obtain information that you otherwise could not.

  • Why is it better for my privacy to use a dedicated VPN hosted on a VPS?
  • Why do you offer servers at just one location - Sofia, Bulgaria?
  • Can I use it for torrenting, Netflix or any media?
  • Can’t I just create my own private VPN server?
  • What protocols do you support for your dedicated VPN service?
  • How are DNS requests handled?
  • Do you accept crypto payments?
  • Does VAT apply to European Union customers?
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