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How to activate auto-renew on my services?

Published on 17 January 2020

Auto-renew is a functionality that allows our customers to deposit an amount in their account balance and to renew their services automatically charging for them from the balance.

How does auto-renew work?

If you have an account balance and if you have enabled auto-renew for your services, our system will automatically renew your services charging you for them from your balance. 14 days before the expiry day of the service a renew order will be created automatically and if you have enabled auto-renew, our system will try to pay that order from your balance. If you have enough balance the order will be processed and the service - renewed. If you don't, you will receive an email notification about insufficient account balance. In this case, your service will not be renewed and you will have to manually renew it. After this, if you want to continue to auto-renew your services, you will have to deposit an amount in your account balance.

How to enable auto-renew for my services?

Firstly, log in to our client area. Navigate to the Services page. Below the expiry date of every service you have, you will see if auto-renew is enabled. If not, you can click on the Details button.

In the Billing parameters section, you will see the Auto-renew button. Click the toggle and you will enable the auto-renew functionality for your service.

If you do not have an account balance, you will be prompted first to deposit account balance and after that to enable auto-renew.


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