How to activate auto-renew on my services?

Auto-renew is a functionality that allows you - our customers to deposit a given amount of funds directly into your balance. This will enable you to utilize an automatic charge option, meaning that your services will be automatically renewed when they start to expire using the money that you have previously deposited into your balance.


How does the auto-renew feature work?

If you have already deposited funds into your account balance, you will need to activate the auto-renew option for your services manually. This is in order to prevent any unwanted renews on services that you do not want to be automatically renewed.


With the auto-renews feature, a special order will be created automatically 14 days before the expiration date of your service. This order is generated for each individual service, regardless of whether the account holder has enabled the feature. However, if you have auto-renews switched on, then the system will automatically charge you directly from your balance, if you have the required amount present. In cases where you have the necessary funds, they will be automatically deducted and your service - renewed.


On the other hand, if you do not have the needed amount, you will be emailed with a notification stating that you have insufficient funds in your account balance and you will be required to manually renew the given service(s). This feature allows you to deposit as much money as you would like into your account so that you will not have to worry about having to manually pay for your services each month.


How to enable auto-renew for your services

Firstly, log into your account, which will take you to the client area. Next, simply navigate to the Services section. This is where you can find all of your services - active, inactive, suspended and so on. As it can be seen, there is an expiry date underneath each service. This is also where you can check whether you have auto-renew enabled for each separate service.


In order to activate the feature, click on the Details button as illustrated in the following image:




You will then be presented with 2 different sections - technical information and billing parameters. At the bottom of the billing parameters section you will be able to locate the auto-renew button. All you need to do is to just toggle the option on and your auto-renew feature will be activated. You can see the toggle button in the image below:



If you happen to not have any funds in the balance of your account, you will be prompted to deposit some and after that - to enable the feature.



If you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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