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How to activate automatic backups for your VPSBG server

Backups are an important feature that can store information and data about your system and files for a longer period of time, allowing you to easily restore your server to a previous state. Therefore, it is vital that you know how to use this feature. That is why in this step-by-step tutorial we will teach you how to activate automatic backups for your VPSBG server.

Step 1: Log into your VPSBG account

vpsbg login

  1. Input your username.
  2. Input your password.
  3. Press the ‘Login’ button.

Step 2: Navigate to your services from the dashboard

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be presented with your dashboard, the appearance of which should be like so:

vpsbg dashboard

Once you are at this page, you want to click on the ‘Active Services’ button, which will take you to a page with a list of all of your services.

Step 3: Find the server for which you want to activate automated backups

vpsbg server listing

When you arrive at the services page, you can now locate the server you would like to activate the backups feature for. Your active servers will have a status of ‘Activated’ and a specific server IP address under the ‘service/product’ section, which can aid you in ensuring that you have chosen the appropriate server. Afterwards, what you need to do is to just click on the desired server (highlighted in red in the picture above).

Step 4: Arrival at the given Service’s page

open the backups tab

Clicking on a given service will bring you to its dedicated page. Next, simply navigate to the ‘Snapshots/Backups’ tab as illustrated in the image above.

Step 5: Reaching the automated backups page

When you click on the ‘Snapshots/Backups’ tab you will arrive at the snapshots page by default. From there you want to navigate to the backups section, using the menu on the left, by clicking on the ‘Automatic Backups’ button as shown:

vpsbg automatic backups page

Once you click the button, you will be directed to the backups page which should look like so:

enable automatic backups

Step 6: Enabling the backups feature

This is the page from where you can activate, deactivate and manage the feature. In order to enable backups, you just need to click the ‘Enable Automatic Backups’ button. It is important to note that the price above the button is calculated by the following formula - 0.10 EUR multiplied by the storage space that your server has (based on your server plan) multiplied by the current amount of days left of your service divided by 30 and finally multiplied by the given tax rate.

Furthermore, if your service is ending in under 20 days, then you can activate the feature for free. Moreover, it is also vital to know that if you have enabled automated backups and you decide to opt out of the feature each one of your backups will be deleted.

Step 7: Ordering the backups feature

Our backups are sold as a server addon hence why they need to be added through our additional products page. In order to activate the feature you need to select ‘Automatic backups’. Afterwards, you will need to choose a payment method and click on ‘Continue’.

vpsbg addon order

  1. Choose the Automatic backups option
  2. Check the total amount due before you continue (The feature will be free if you have less than 20 days left on your service).

Step 8: Check the order information

Once you have selected it and the transaction was processed successfully, make sure you check the order confirmation in order to make sure that everything is correct.

Step 9: Check that the feature is activated

Finally, make sure to validate that the backups have been successfully activated by going back to the respective page. If the addon is active it will appear as so:

backups enabled

The status will be green and read ‘Enabled’ and your server backups should appear in the ‘List of available backups’ section from which you can restore, download or delete them. Also, keep in mind that a backup will be made automatically once a week with only 3 backups being kept in total, meaning that your oldest backup will be from 3 weeks ago.

That’s it! We hope that this tutorial has helped you to successfully initiate the automated backups feature for your server.

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