How to add an additional (addon) domain to a shared hosting account?

What is an addon domain?

In shared hosting, an additional (addon) domain is a functional registered domain that can be hosted from the same account as the primary domain. In an addon domain: 

  • the files share the same control panel

  • you can assign domain email addresses and forwarders

  • all functions of the primary domain are supported.


How do I create an addon domain in my shared hosting account?

This process is actually relatively straightforward and simple. All you need to do is just follow these basic steps:


Step 1: Login into your cPanel account


cpanel login


  1. Enter your username.

  2. Enter your password.

  3. Click on Log in.


TIP: You can sign in to the cPanel control panel directly from your client area. Go to Services, click on the service that you want to add additional domain name to and press Go to cPanel


Step 2: Locate the ‘Domains’ section in cPanel



  1. Go to to the ‘Domains’ tab.
  2. Select Addon Domains.


Step 3: Creating the addon domain



  1. Enter the name of the new addon domain you want to create followed by the top level domain identifier such as ‘.com/.net/.io’ etc. Example:

  2. The subdomain field will get autofilled based on the domain name that you have entered in the previous field. However, you can manually change it if necessary.

  3. The document root will be the location of the new addon domain (this field will also be filled in automatically based on your input).

  4. Ticking the checkbox will create an FTP account, which the owner and/or developers can use to manage the website's files using an FTP client.

  5. Finalize the process.


Here is an example of what creating an addon domain titled ‘’ would look like:



Once created, you should receive this message:



When is it a good idea to use addon domains?

Even though some additional routing could need to be performed in order to ensure that each domain appears appropriately, addon domains are still a great way to manage multiple domains from the same account. Not to mention that it is cheaper to use them than paying for a hosting plan for each new domain you want to register and also allows you to share resources between domains (websites) without spending as much. On our shared hosting platform, you can host as many additional domains as you want as long as the hosting account resources are enough for your websites.

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