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Create users for your WireGuard VPN server with WireGuard UI

Deploy your own, self-hosted VPN server today and start protecting your privacy! Verifiable zero log policy, dedicated IP address and unlimited device connections!

Creating new users is quite a straightforward process when it comes to your private WireGuard VPN server as everything happens with just a few clicks through the WireGuard UI control panel. In this step-by-step tutorial we are going to help you get acquainted with the entire process, ultimately making you capable of managing your server’s user profiles.

Step 1: Log into your server

You should have received your credentials as well as the server IP address from your provider. Use them to gain access to the VPN server's control panel. Simply put the IP address into your browser, folled by the server port and hit enter. The entire sequence should look like so:

go to your server's control panel

If you land on a warning page, do not worry, this is completely normal as your operating system does not identify the server you are trying to reach through your browser as a viable resource. Simply click on ‘Advanced’:

click on the advanced button

And then on ‘Proceed to...’:

click on proceed to

This will redirect you to your server’s login page. Again, paste your login credentials into the corresponding fields. After that, click on ‘Sign In’.

log into your WireGuard VPN server's control panel

You will now arrive at your server’s control panel, which will look like so:

WireGuard VPN server control panel

This is the place from where you can manage your entire server as well as your user profiles including adding new, removing old or editing existing ones.

Step 2: Creating a new user

To create a new user profile, navigate to the ‘New Client’ button on the top right of the page and select it, as highlighted in the following picture:

click on create a new user

This will result in the following window appearing:

creating a user by inputting the fields

Fill in the ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ fields by inputting the information that you would like the new user profile to have. It is important to note that you should leave the ‘IP Allocation’ field as it is because WireGuard will automatically assign an IP to the profile as the VPN works with a special predefined IP range, meaning that if you change the IP range manually, your connection might not work.

Once you have completed the first two fields, simply click on ‘Submit’. You will be redirected back to the main menu screen of the WireGuard VPN server. A message will appear in a green box in the top right of the screen stating ‘Created user successfully’ and your new user profile will appear next to your initial one as it can be seen here:

successfully creating a new user profile

Click on the “Apply Config” button and that’s it! You have successfully created a new user for your VPN server. Should you wish to utilize the newly-established user profile, then make use of either the ‘Download’ or ‘Scan’ buttons highlighted in red:

scan or download the new user profile

If you wish to read the full tutorial on how to connect a device to a WireGuard VPN server, then you can check out this entry in our documentation!

Deploy a self-hosted VPN server today and protect your privacy!

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