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How to manage a VPSBG cloud server with Docker

Docker is a platform that is primarily used to eliminate software and operating system dependencies when it comes to web applications.

The platform utilizes containerization in order to compact the source code and any potential libraries into containers, which can then be deployed onto different, independent machines, allowing the application to run practically any system without having to worry about any requirements.

What does the server template include?

This template includes a complete Docker installation, followed entirely from the official installation guide. This supports the shell commands "docker" and "docker-compose", which let you manage single and multi-container Docker applications. These are key commands when it comes to working with Docker through the command line as they provide you with the ability to build, start, stop, restart, and remove containers.

How to use Docker

When you purchase the Docker application template, the software will be automatically installed and deployed onto your cloud server.

How to verify the installation

After installing Docker, it's always a good idea to verify that it's working as it should. You can do this by running the following command: docker run hello-world

This command will download a small image, run a container from it, and display a message confirming that your installation is working as intended.

Useful Docker commands

Once you have verified the installation, you can start using the software by using the docker command. Additional available commands include: docker run, docker ps, docker stop, docker rm, docker pull among others.

How to download and run an image

You can also download an image by running the docker pull command. For example, to download the latest Ubuntu image, run: docker pull ubuntu:latest

Once you have an image, you can run a container from it by using the docker run command. For example, to run a container from the Ubuntu image and start an interactive shell session, run: docker run -it ubuntu:latest /bin/bash

This will start a new container and open up a bash shell inside the container. You can then run commands as if you were logged into a regular Ubuntu machine.

Docker bash installation script

VPSBG values your privacy and wants you and your personal information to be secure at all times. We want to remain completely transparent when it comes to all of our application templates and the installation scripts that we use to set up each app on your cloud server.

Because of this, we are providing the installation script, which you can find in our VPSBG GitHub repository.

Deploy a powerful cloud server with Docker!

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