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How to manage your LEMP application template

In this documentation entry, we are going to give you some further information about our LEMP application template including how it is installed and how you can access your credentials.

What does the LEMP app template include?

Our LEMP application template includes a fresh installation for each software from the stack - Linux, Nginx, MariaDB and PHP. Getting the entire stack on your server can save you a lot of time, allowing you to skip any manual setup and configurations.

How is the LEMP stack installed?

When you configure and order your cloud server with LEMP, the installation process is immediately initiated. To begin with, the system first generates a secure randomized password for the MariaDB user.

The script then determines the operating system’s distribution and its version. This is done in order to set up the repository for the appropriate PHP that will be installed. Then, the system proceeds to install all necessary components via the apt/yum package managers depending on the Linux distribution that you have selected.

Once Nginx and MariaDB have been successfully installed and enabled to run at startup, the script then secures the database by deleting all temporary information and it creates a new user and database with all available privileges.

Lastly, the script installs PHP and its most common modules, adjusts the PHP configurations for file upload limits, sets up PHP-FPM and Nginx configurations and finally restarts the services. The steps may vary depending on the Linux distribution and version that you have selected for your cloud server.

Once everything has been set up, you will be able to see the default Nginx web page by entering the IP address of your server in your browser.

IMPORTANT: LEMP does not have a control panel! It is a web application stack intended for app development!

You can find your MariaDB credentials in the ‘/root/mysql_credentials.txt’ directory. You will not need them in order to access the initially-generated, default web page as it will not be connected to any databases. However, you will need your credentials when you start developing or migrating your applications.

LEMP stack installation script

We at VPSBG value your privacy. This is why we want to protect your privacy and your personal information at all times. Additionally, we also want to remain completely transparent when it comes to all of our application templates. This is why you can find our LEMP stack installation script in our VPSBG GitHub repository.

Deploy a powerful cloud server with the LEMP stack!

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