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How to restore a backup or snapshot to your VPSBG server?

Taking snapshots of your server or having automatic backups enabled is a great way to roll-back your files and system in case of failure, malfunction or malware infestation. Given the power of these features, it is important to know how to correctly use them in order to return your server back to a previous state. This is why in this step-by-step tutorial we will teach you how to restore a backup or a snapshot to your VPSBG server.


Restoration process overlapping steps

Regardless of whether you want to restore a snapshot or a backup, you need to do these steps prior to either restoration process.


Step 1: Log into your VPSBG account


vpsbg login


  1. Enter your email address.

  2. Input your password.

  3. Click on the ‘Login’ button.


Step 2: Navigate to your servers from the dashboard

When you log into your account, you will be presented with the VPSBG dashboard, which will look like so:



Using the ‘Active Services’ button will take you to a page containing a list of all of your servers.


Step 3: Locate the server you want to restore a snapshot or a backup of


vpsbg service page listing


Here in the services page you will now want to find the server you would like to restore a backup or snapshot of. Your currently active servers will have a status of ‘Activated’ and a server IP address under the ‘service/product’ section, which can help you find the specific server you want to restore to. The next step is to simply click on the designated server (marked in red in the picture above).


Step 4: Arriving at the service page


vpsbg management panel


Selecting a service from the previous step will take you to its own page. From here you want to click on the ‘Snapshots/Backups’ tab (marked in red in the picture above).


Step 5: Reaching the Backups/Snapshots page

This is the page from which you can manage all of your snapshots and backups in relation to restoring, deleting, downloading or creating new ones for your given server.


Restoring a snapshot

Restoring a snapshot is a very simple process. All you need to do is to select the snapshot of your server that you want to restore and click on the ‘Restore’ button next to it. 


vpsbg snapshot panel


  1. The top button will restore a previously snapshot of this server.

  2. The button(s) at the bottom will restore a snapshot from another server (enables server cloning).


Once you have selected a snapshot to restore and you have clicked the ‘Restore’ button, the following confirmation message should appear:



From the dropdown menu select the server you want to restore to and click on ‘Yes’. That’s it! Afterwards, the restoration process will begin and your server will be locked until the process finishes.



This locked state prevents any potential errors and problems that could occur with the server until the recovery completes. All that you need to do now is to just wait until the restoration finishes.


How to restore a backup

The process for restoring a backup is just as easy. In order to do it, simply navigate to the automatic backups page. From there you will need to select the backup, which you would like to restore, and click on the ‘Restore’ button.



Afterwards, another menu will appear similar to that from the snapshot restoration process, which should look like this:



You will now need to select the server that you would like to restore the backup to. Click on the ‘Yes’ button and the process is done. Similarly to the snapshot restoration, you can also choose to restore a backup from another server you own, which again enables you to clone it. Because of this it is important to be mindful when choosing a backup to restore. When the restoration process begins, your server will again get locked until the process finishes. Again, this happens in order to prevent any potential changes that can alter your server’s state which can potentially disrupt the process.


Overall, restoring a snapshot or a backup to your VPSBG server is relatively easy and we hope that this tutorial has managed to teach you how to successfully complete both processes.

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