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My Wordpress website is loading slowly. What can I do?

Published on 06 February 2020 Last updated on 25 May 2022

If your Wordpress website is loading slowly or it's "eating" too much CPU, we may have a solution for you. Our shared hosting service is built on Litespeed Webserver technology which is providing special storage for caching you may use to optimize your website and to make it load faster.

You can read more about this caching technology on their website:

How to activate it in my Wordpress?

The first thing you have to do is to disable all other cache plugins if you have one. There are two ways you can enable it in your Wordpress. The first one is from cPanel, the other one is to install the Litespeed plugin in your Wordpress manually and to activate it.

Activating LiteSpeed WordPress cache via cPanel

Log in your cPanel and click on the LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager link. From this page, you can purge your cache after you activate it. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Wordpress Cache link. On the newly opened page, you will see a list of all Wordpress installations in your shared hosting account. If there is nothing, please click the button Scan. This will scan for Wordpress instances once again and you will be able to manage your website if it does not exist in this list.

When the scanning is completed, select your Wordpress installation and click the button Enable. This action will install the Litespeed WP plugin automatically and enable it. After the operation is completed, your Wordpress website will be running with this cache enabled.

Activating LiteSpeed WordPress cache via Wordpress Admin Panel

The other way to enable the cache is from the Wordpress administration. You can download the plugin manually or using the Wordpress Plugin Manager built in Wordpress.

Plugin URL:

Install the plugin like you do with all other plugins and activate the Litespeed Cache plugin. This will activate the Litespeed cache also and your website will be using the technology.

If you encounter any problems activating your LiteSpeed cache in your Wordpress, please let us know.

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