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VPSBG Software Licenses & Prices

We at VPSBG are aware that running and managing your server is no easy task. We understand that it is quite often necessary for you to buy and install extra software to make the entire process easier.

Because of this, we enable you to purchase software licenses directly from us at an affordable price. This will not only save you time and effort, but will also make it that much simpler to set  everything up with a few simple clicks!

The software licenses that we currently offer are Windows Server, cPanel, Microsoft Office & RDS. You can also get a cloud server with a free application template installation!

Windows Server licenses

It is not surprising that Windows VPS servers have become a lot more popular in the hosting community over the last few years. This is why we offer our clients the ability to buy a Windows Server license from us, including it directly in the total server price, for just 5 EUR per CPU core per month excluding VAT.

The Windows Server versions that our servers currently support are 2016, 2019 and 2022.

Windows servers are popular due to user familiarity with the operating system. It’s quite convenient to run a server on a VM that has Windows as an OS especially if you are not experienced with any of the Linux distributions.

Our Windows VPS servers also come equipped with completely free RDP access. This allows you to make any changes and tweaks to your server, regardless of where you are located.

Microsoft Office 2021 Standard

If you already own a Windows VPS or VDS server, you can also get Microsoft Office! The standard edition includes all of the software that you will need in order to manage files on your server including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access!

The price for each Office user is €20 per month.

RDS for your Windows Server

Get RDS for your cloud Windows VPS/VDS and start managing your server remotely! You can enable encryption and authentication. You can also enable access control in order to secure your server! Each Windows Server allows you to have up to 2 concurrent RDP sessions! If you need more users, you can purchase additional RDS licenses.

Each license is €11 for each user per month.

cPanel pricing structure

One of the most famous control panels that are used to manage your server is of course none other than cPanel.

Over the last couple of years, cPanel license prices have gone up quite dramatically. Because of this, we as NOC partners also needed to adapt to these changes.

Due to these upsurges in the cPanel costs, our cPanel license pricing structure is currently as follows:

cPanel license plan

Monthly price

Admin (up to 5 accounts)


Admin Annual (up to 5 accounts)


Pro (up to 30 accounts)


Plus (up to 50 accounts)


Premier (up to 100 accounts)


The prices are excluding VAT.

Application Templates

We also offer free application templates that you can use to install some of the most popular applications on the Web directly on your cloud server with some popular examples being Docker, WireGuard, WordPress, CyberPanel, NextCloud and others! All of the applications that we offer are entirely open-source and free of charge!

Additionally, we also want to remain as transparent as possible, which is why we also upload each of our installation scripts to our GitHub repository.

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