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CyberPanel is an open-source control panel with an intuitive user interface which allows for easy server management.

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Free cPanel Alternative

Seeing as how cPanel prices have been increasing over the last couple of years, CyberPanel comes in as a great substitute, offering the same features for free!

High-Performance Control Panel

CyberPanel is designed to offer exceptional speed and performance, combined with a very easy-to-use interface, allowing you to manage your server with ease!

Strong Additional Security

The control panel comes equipped with an integration of ModSec & CSF to further protect your server and applications against outsiders!

Open-Source & Community-Driven

CyberPanel is entirely open-source and is monitored by the community, meaning better security and frequent updates, which also increases security!

CyberPanel VPS Hosting Plans

Our Cloud VPS servers are highly scalable and optimized in terms of resources! This makes virtual machines the perfect solution for all types of projects, businesses and websites!

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Windows Server:

Looking for a powerful VDS with CyberPanel?

You can check out our VPS servers with dedicated CPU cores & CyberPanel!

Add-on features to make your server even better

Server Snapshots


Automatic Backups

€0.10 per GB

Floating IPs

€2.50 per IP/m.

Strong DDoS Protection

€10 per IP/m.

App Template Software


24/7 Technical support


100 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth

Free or low price

1 Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth


Advanced Cloud Hosting Platform

Premium Hardware

Our cloud servers are crafted using powerful AMD EPYC CPUs and lightning-fast NVMe SSDs to guarantee maximum performance!

Privacy-Oriented & Crypto Payments

We don’t use any third-party cookies anywhere on our site! We accept Bitcoin, BTC Lightning Network & Litecoin as alternative payment methods!

Strategic Location & Reliable Network

Our cloud infrastructure is located in Sofia, Bulgaria - Eastern Europe. A low-latency, redundant network with a 10Gbps port and fantastic connectivity. 24/7 support & 99.99% uptime guaranteed!

Free SSL Certificate

Get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with your server! The SSL is also automatically renewed before it expires so you don’t have to worry about manual resubmissions!

Resource Monitoring

Monitor your server’s CPU, memory and storage usage directly from the dashboard of your control panel application!

File Manager & Code Editor

You can easily upload, download, edit and view files directly from your control panel using the well-designed file manager and the available code editor!

Frequently asked questions

Is CyberPanel free to install and use?

Yes, CyberPanel is completely free to install and use. It is also fully open-source, meaning that it is maintained and updated by the community, which also makes it more secure and reliable.

How can I check the VPS resources through CyberPanel?

You can check your server resources usage by having a look at the Dashboard of your CyberPanel. You will see a column labeled 'RESOURCES'.

How do you process Bitcoin payments?

We don’t use a third-party payment gateway. As a matter of fact, we have our own custom Bitcoin payment processing implementation to further protect your privacy.

When you make a payment, a unique BTC address will be generated for your transaction. You will then receive that address and the required amount. The service will wait for at least one successfully transmitted confirmation block. Upon arriving, your VPS server will be deployed.

Where are your servers located? Do you block any ports? Is DMCA ignored? Can I run TOR?

Our servers and network infrastructure are located in Sofia, Bulgaria - Eastern Europe.

We don’t block any ports on our services by default, except for 25 port (SMTP) for new accounts that are deemed high risk or have a total lifetime account deposits of less than 50€.


If this is the case, we may unblock it after reaching total deposits of 50€. This is to guarantee that the IP address will not enter any spam blacklists. If it does, then you will be issued a one-time penalty fee. If you wish to unblock port 25, please open a ticket with details, regarding the request and how you intend to use it.

DMCA is not relevant. However, Bulgarian copyright legislation does apply.

Tor exit nodes are also allowed.

Does VAT apply for European Union customers?

VPSBG is required to collect VAT (Value Added Tax) for customers that reside in the EU. VAT is not charged to Business clients or Charity organizations that can provide a valid VAT registration. You can enter your VAT registration in your customer portal's settings section. Our prices do not include VAT - VAT will be added to your invoice as a separate line item.

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