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You have probably seen that hosting companies usually indicate the location of their servers. Many customers ignore this factor, however, it shouldn’t be completely neglected. Depending on the needs of your business, the location could be a dealbreaker if it is not convenient for you. If you’re curious why the server location is important and how it may affect the performance of your application or website, continue reading because we have the answers.


What does server location mean, and what does it affect?

When we talk about server location, we mainly mean the region where the data center is located. This place can be anywhere in the world, and you have an opportunity to choose any location regardless of where your company is registered or located. However, making a random choice is simply not worth it. You need to take several important factors into consideration.


What depends on the location of the server?


Server location affects page load speed

It’s 2021. People are used to the fast browsing experience. The longer it takes for your website to load, the bigger the chance they would be less loyal, which significantly reduces your chances to become and stay successful. The relationship between page load speed and user bounce rates is pretty obvious, thus, a slow website can lead to financial losses. Of course, first of all, you need to find a reliable hosting provider, but don’t forget to check their server locations. The closer it is to your target audience the faster the website will load. If you are targeting, for example, Bulgarians, choose a hosting company that has a data center in Bulgaria or in a foreign country close by.


Server location affects privacy

It’s no secret that different countries have different regulations regarding information security. In some countries, the legislation allows certain authorities to access servers and track information on the sites that are hosted on them. We’re not talking about storing prohibited or illegal content, but rather simple protection of user information. One of the goals of choosing a server location is to ensure the protection of user information and your business. To do this, you need to see the legislation on the protection of personal information in the respective region and decide whether this location would be the best choice for your purposes.


Server location is (not) important for search engine optimization (SEO)

This is quite a controversial issue that leads to debates and discussions among experts in the field. No one is completely sure how the server location affects search engines, however, many still believe that the site’s ranking in the search results can vary depending on the location of the data center, where the servers are located. Let’s see what we mean by that. For example, you are using SEO strategies to promote your services in Sweden, but the server is located in Ukraine. In this case, the efficiency of resource optimization may decrease, and your target audience in Sweden simply would not know about your goods and services. To be fair, we must mention that Google representatives deny this information. John Mueller of Search Quality in his tweet to the user’s question “Does changing the location of the IP address affect SEO?” replied, “Usually not. We get enough information about geotargeting, for example, from TLD settings and geotargeting in Search Console.”


Having in mind the information we have mentioned previously, it’s important to underline that there is no definite answer to the question of correlation between SEO and the server location. In fact, no one really knows how the algorithms of different search engines work and how they affect the ranking of websites located in different regions and countries. However, most SEO professionals recommend choosing a server located in the same country as your target audience. 


How to choose the right server location?

There are two main factors to consider in order to choose the right server location:

  • the location of your main target audience;

  • whether there are requirements for confidentiality and whether it is necessary to take special measures to protect information.


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