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There are few factors that you have to consider important when choosing your hosting provider. In the following read, we will discuss the dependency between site speed, internet exchange points, geolocation of the server, privacy regulations and some benefits of renting a VPS server in Europe for your business.



NSA and MI5

When it comes to privacy, Europe has some of the most forward-thinking laws. After NSA and MI5 laws had some of the world's most serious security missteps and ethical violations in recent years, it’s no wonder why many business owners decided to seek high-security web hosting located out of the US and UK, so their information won’t leak and their customers and businesses will be protected. 



The regulation came along a few years ago and drastically changed the laws in favour of data protection and virtual privacy for all individuals surfing the internet in Europe. We may say that the GDPR can be considered as one of the strongest sets of data protection rules worldwide. 

All website owners are obliged to make sure that personal data is collected and processed lawfully, and cookie consents are a must.

What is a better reason to choose your website to be hosted on a VPS in Europe?



At the beginning of the century, people were able to concentrate for about 12 seconds. Today it’s drawn to 8 seconds, this is why the speed of your website is important, so the bounce rate of your website won’t be super high just because it’s slow.

The underlying hardware and where it is located matters for businesses that are growing fast and need to provide their customers with sharp-fast service. That is why you have to make a wise decision when choosing your provider, the physical location of the servers and the service plan you will get for your company.



Having your website hosted on a premium server with lots of resources, own IP address and based in the same location where your targeted audience is will pay you off with better visibility for your website in the search engines because there are some ranking factors that can help your website climb higher in the SERP. This is why if you have a business operating from the States you may need a VPS server in Europe if you want to snare customers from this region depending on organic searches in Google.



Having your VPS server in Europe can be beneficial if your business operates intercontinental, because as we already mentioned - the location of your target audience is important. Additionally to that, you may choose European VPS due to the necessity for confidentiality.



Another interesting fact is that there is huge competition in the European hosting industry. The market is saturated and this is something that pushes companies to get better and better in their service, customer support and to use premium hardware, so they can keep their customers instead of letting them go to a competitor who provides better services. 


Why choosе a VPS in Bulgaria?

Our web hosting company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The technology startups in the country have been on the rise for a few years now. The state proves to be a fast-developing IT hub for Eastern Europe. This can be beneficial for each business that needs to locate its VPS in Europe. Here they can easily find specialists for any type of technical support if needed, the internet connection is fast and of course, geolocation is key for any cross-continental businesses, due to the exchange points and the network coverage.


Technology we at VPSBG use

We at VPSBG offer our customers premium service. Our KVM VPS - are powered by AMD EPYC CPU and NVMe storage, the VDS Servers are based on the same powerful platform but with dedicated CPU and no noisy neighbours. We also have a traditional SSD VPS based on OpenVZ 7 and fast Intel platform. And of course, we offer well-optimized and carefully configured shared hosting on an enterprise level where each cPanel account has its own DDoS protected IP.

Since 2014, we accept crypto payments (Bitcoin and Litecoin) so you can choose to use this technology to pay for your VPS hosting. This way, combined with the privacy regulations in European law, your information can be completely secure and private.


VPSBG Data center

The infrastructure of our company is colocated in SDC, which is the most modern and advanced data center in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

The facility guarantees high availability services and its infrastructure is fully redundant.

Every system in SDC is monitored 24/7, there are on-site security guards, several access control points, individually locked rack cabinets. 

The environment of the data center is also strictly maintained. The temperature, dust, humidity, uninterrupted power supply (UPS & generators), internet connectivity requirements are met. 


Internet exchange

We use the Global Internet Exchange - NetIX which is considered to have one of the best possible Internet connectivity: can exchange traffic with more than 8,000 direct peers with faster page-load with more than 90% of the most popular sites. Our infrastructure is directly connected to multiple Internet exchange points, some of them are: DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, etc. 



As you can see, there are many advantages to consider and choose to buy VPS in Europe. Regardless of the sector in which your business operates, you’d better choose, reliable hosting provider to whom to entrust the important information you want to host.

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