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If you've been researching web hosting recently, you may have come across the two main types on the market - Shared Web hosting with shared IP and with a dedicated one. In this article, we are going to explain what are the differences between the two configurations and in what aspects they may affect the performance of your website, SEO, email delivery etc. 


What is an IP Address?

The abbreviation IP stands for Internet Protocol. It can be defined as a unique address, similar to the phone numbers we, people, use but with more digits. IPs are used by machines (mostly computers), to connect when sending information through the internet or local networks. Thankfully to those unique numbers, the machines receiving information know exactly from which device it comes from. Those who are sending information know the desired address where it should be delivered. 

Domain names are mapped to IP addresses using what we call DNS (Domain Name Server), which can be called the world web phone book. It’s harder for people to remember long sequences of numbers, that’s why the DNS translates the IP addresses into human-readable domains. We will give you an example with Google’s IP address, which without DNS looks like this and is much harder to remember. Summarized when a user writes in the search bar of his browser a certain domain, a DNS query is performed by an ISP to request the name server associated with that domain.


What is a Dedicated IP Address in the context of shared hosting?

Having a dedicated IP address means that your website’s domain is associated with your own IP address rather than the one which is assigned to the IP address of the server where it is hosted on. A dedicated IP address is used only for your domain, instead of sharing it with all websites hosted on the same shared server.


Shared vs. Dedicated IP addresses:

Shared web hostings usually offer shared IP addresses to their users. This means that the IP address of the server is shared between multiple domains. Cheaper service providers often host thousands of websites/domains on the same server with one and the same IP address.


How a Dedicated IP Address can benefit your website?

  1. Email Capabilities (Reputation, no mail blacklists)

Using a shared IP can potentially affect your email’s reputation negatively because when sharing an IP with thousands of users with potentially spammy activities the shared IP can be blacklisted and even if you do not perform shady practices you will be affected, because your domain is associated with the same IP. This is one very common problem and the best solution for preventing any harm to your email use and reputation is getting dedicated IP shared hosting. This will allow you to be in charge of all the information passed through it. We strive to provide high-quality services, and our shared web hosting plans are with dedicated IP addresses included in the plan. 


  1. Security & SEO 

There is a big “Myth or Reality” thing going on when we talk about if the dedicated IP is beneficial for the SEO of your website. However, it wouldn’t cost you much to have your own IP for your website, if you are really planning to expand and develop your business. 


  1. Business identity

Dedicated IP should be part of your brand identity. The same way you use your own domain name, business email, social networks and other channels that might be associated with your brand, you should think about a unique IP address, associated exclusively with your business domain name identifying your website.


How to check if my website is on a shared IP or on a dedicated one?

If when you signed for your hosting plan, it was not made clear if your domain is going to be on a shared or dedicated IP, there are many websites that you can use to find out. 

We will give you an example with:

Simply enter the domain name of a website and press go. You will receive information about the number of domains associated with the IP address. If it is only one IP address linked with one domain this means you are using shared hosting with dedicated IP, if not you can check with your provider if you can get a dedicated IP or migrate to a web hosting provider which offers this service in their hosting plans.


How to get a dedicated IP for my website on shared hosting?

As we mentioned above, If you are using our services, you don’t need to worry - each of our plans includes a dedicated IP address. 

If you host your website somewhere else and your plan does not include a dedicated IP, you can check in the client area on your user profile and add it from there. Another option is to simply contact your customer support and ask how you can add your own IP.



Even though the opinions of the necessity of Dedicated IP addresses are on both spectrums, we believe the benefits are much more and the difference in the price of the plan with shared IP and dedicated one is not crucial. When deciding on what plan you need, always consider the one which will bring more positives to your business instead of buying the cheapest

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