floating ip announced

After the hard work of our developers team, we are more than happy to announce that a new feature is available and ready to use: Floating IPs. The functionality has been fully tested and it is in a production state. 



What is Floating IP?

The Floating IP service is a service that allows you to purchase IP addresses as a separate service, fully independent from the server. The service has its own billing, seperate orders, etc. A Floating IP address can be easily attached to a server and then remapped between other servers. It can be used to develop a failover mechanism to build highly available infrastructure.


What are the use cases of this service?

Let’s say that you have two servers with two additional IP addresses. Before the Floating IP service, it was hard to remap IP addresses between VPS or VDS services. Now, it can be done with just a few clicks, instantly. 


The biggest benefit of this service is that if you encounter any hardware or software glitch with your production server, you can easily remap your IP address to a backup server and this way you minimize the downtime.  The key element here is to keep your backup server up to date. This means that you have to replicate the information from the master server so in case something happens to it, when you switch to the backup server, all files and configurations are there already.


What is the price of the Floating IP address?

The price hasn't increased. The price for one Floating IP is 2.50 EUR excluding VAT. The price for one DDoS-protected Floating IP address is 10 EUR excluding VAT. 


How can I order Floating IPs?

You can easily order Floating IPs from your client area. Go to My services > Order Floating IPs. On the newly opened page, please choose how many IP addresses you want to order and proceed with the order. After successful payment of the order, the new Floating IP address will be added automatically to your account so you can manage them.

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