vpsbg introduces backups and snapshots

Backup or snapshot of a VPSBG server? Introducing backups and free snapshots

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As of today, we here at VPSBG are happy to announce our new feature - backups and snapshots! You can now safely use either method to securely restore your servers regardless of the purpose!


Server Snapshots - free of charge

Snapshots are a ‘picture’ of your system files, software, applications and settings that has been captured at a certain point in time. Stored in the same location as your original data, they take time to copy your server data at a specific moment, allowing you to quickly restore the server to its recently captured state. Do you need to carry out an important update but you are afraid of something breaking in the process? Our snapshot feature is the perfect solution for both developing and testing, allowing you to easily and swiftly roll back your server if anything goes wrong! Furthermore, you can also restore your snapshot to any of your other servers, making the process of cloning one server to another possible. Do you need to download a given snapshot? No problem - just press the “Download” button.


Not only are snapshots a great way to restore your data, but our snapshots are also completely free! However, there are some additional limitations. As of now you can take only 1 snapshot per server with a total of 5 snapshots per account and a maximum of 3 snapshots per day.


Server Automatic Weekly Backups

If perhaps you need to store your server data in a safe location for a longer period of time, then you can utilize our new backup feature instead! Backups are a fantastic way to restore the entirety of the file system in the cases of malware infestation, total system failure or faulty updates.


Unlike snapshots, backups are a paid feature and they are sold as a server add-on named “Automatic backups” or in the case of weekly automatically conducted backups - “Weekly automatic server backups”. Backups can be activated even if you already have a server with us and the price is 0.10 EUR (excluding VAT) per GB of the server plan. As an example, if your current plan has 30GB NVMe storage, this makes the price of the backup feature 3 EUR per month. We keep a maximum of 3 backups, meaning that the oldest backup you would have will be 3 weeks old.


Furthermore, it is also important to note that booting from a backup or a snapshot is similar to a reboot after a non-graceful shutdown, which can potentially cause issues with some applications if they have very disk-heavy usage.


Snapshot vs Backup

Even though both offer you a way to restore file and system information, they each have their separate purposes. The table below depicts the comparison between the two.


  Snapshot Backup
Saved for Each snapshot of a server replaces the previous snapshot for the very same server Maximum of 3 backups, weekly backup, the oldest backup is 3 weeks old
Cost Free 0.10 EUR (excluding VAT) per GB of your plan
Limitations 1 Snapshot per server,
5 Snapshots per account,
3 Snapshots per day
Ideal for Developing and testing; quick system roll-back, cloning of a server Long-term storage and security, can recover from system failure, malware, etc.


Amazing. How can I use these new features?

In order for you to make the most of our new features we have prepared a list of useful links from our documentation that you can benefit from:

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