How to manage (attach, detach, etc) my Floating IPs?

In one of our tutorials, we explained what is Floating IP and how you can order one. In this tutorial, we will show how to manage your Floating IP address - how to attach, detach, cancel them, etc. Let’s begin!


How to attach a Floating IP to a server?

We will assume that you already have bought a Floating IP, and it is in an active state. Navigate to Services and click on the Floating IPs tab. You will see all your IP addresses listed.


floating ip list


Click on the Attach button. A popup will be shown. In this popup, you have to choose which active server you want to attach this IP address to. 


attaching floating ip


NOTE: For KVM-based VPS or VDS a reboot is required to apply the changes. For OpenVZ-based VPS the changes are applied real-time and reboot is not required. 


Press the Attach button and you are ready. The IP will be attached soon (within 1 minute) and the server will be rebooted (if required). 


How to detach a Floating IP from a server?

For this scenario, we assume you have an active and attached IP address to a server. Open your IP addresses (Services > Floating IPs tab). Find the IP address you want to detach and press Detach



A confirmation popup will be shown, confirm it and that’s it. Your IP will be detached from the server within 1 minute. The server might be rebooted if it’s KVM-based.


NOTE: Attach or detach operations can be done also through the server’s management page. Open this page, press the Settings tab and you will see a list with the server’s IP addresses and the option to attach/detach.


How to cancel (delete) a Floating IP?

If you do not need anymore a Floating IP, you can cancel it (delete it). Canceling an IP address means that it will leave your IP pool, and you will not be able to use it anymore.

Again, open your list with IPs and click on the X icon. Confirm the cancellation from the popup, and it's done.


If you encounter any issues related to the Floating IP service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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