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Establishing a company and running your own business isn't easy and requires a lot of work and dedication. Before you list your brand and start operating there are a number of things you need to set up and be prepared for. In this article, we will go through some of the most needed steps you should go through. Of course, every business is different and needs a unique approach and if some ideas need a certain approach others may need completely different things to get running.

Name of the brand and its identity

Name your brand and start working on its identity as soon as possible, so your business will gain recognition and customers will be attracted.



The name of your brand should be easy to remember. This is one really important decision you have to make because you don't want to spend time imposing a brand name and then decide to change it due to poor performance and difficulties that your customers may face when trying to find you.

There are websites that you can use to help you with combinations of words to create a brand name.

When having an idea of what name you’d like to choose, you’d better check not only if the domain for it is free but also all social networks you might want to use. There are many websites that can help you check which social networks are available to be registered with the chosen name. 



After deciding on the name you will have to think about the visual presentation of your brand. You have to start working on the logo design and colour palettes of your brand. The logo and the name are the first things people will see when getting along with your company for the first time. They must be memorable. 


Brand book

After choosing the name and creating the logo it is time to start working on your brand book. This is a guide each company with good visual presence and communication has.


The Brand book should include:

  • Logo variations
  • Colour palettes
  • Fonts
  • Images that can be used
  • Examples of images that shouldn't be used


When a decision is made in advance for each of the listed elements, the visual communication of the brand will be much cleaner. People who work for you and create content will have a guide to follow, saving you time and effort in the process of creating visuals for your corporate images. 


Choose your web hosting solution

After you chose the name, created the logo and decided on all visual elements of your brand, it is time to create your website. Before you start building a site, you need to make another very important decision - to choose your web hosting provider and to buy the best hosting plan for your needs, because the speed and uptime of your website should not be underestimated.  


Shared hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular choices for small businesses in the beginning. As in everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest positive of this kind of web hosting is that it is extremely cheap. Check our plans to see for yourself, they start from just $3.33.

The disadvantages are that most of the web hosting providers are trying to get as much profit as possible, so they often host thousands of websites on a single server. Each user gets an allotment of the resources such as bandwidth, power and memory.

Shared Hosting plans are suitable for small websites such as personnel blogs, presentation websites and small shops. 



The term VPS stands behind Virtual Private Server - a powerful tool for tech-oriented companies. 

The VPS service allows you to start a virtual machine without having to have your own physical server. If you are looking for a way to digitize your business, consider renting a VPS for your company. In VPS, server resources are distributed fairly between clients sharing a physical server.

Check our VPS plans and choose the right one for your needs.

The plans are suitable for midsized websites.



You've probably heard for VDS before. It means Virtual Dedicated Server. This is a server whose resources are not shared. The service we offer is based on KVM virtualization, which provides better isolation between users.

Detailed information on what VDS is read in our article on the topic.

The most practical use for such cloud solution are:

  • Online shops with a huge amount of daily visitors and orders
  • Heavy databases
  • Applications that do a lot of calculations
  • Heavy websites
  • Media websites


You can check our VDS plans for one of the most reliable solutions on the market to power your website.

Start building the website

Building a website is a process that takes time and in many cases is pricey. Before choosing on what platform to create your online business, decide what kind of features you will need. Make a good research on what options the different platforms offer for extension. Even if you need basic functionalities at the moment, in the future you may need expansion. This may lead to the need for migration from one platform to another, which can suspend the business and is not desirable. 



WP is one of the most popular content management systems which you can use to build a website. More than 70% of the websites worldwide are built on WordPress. Why is that you may ask? The system has a very easy-to-navigate dashboard used to add different elements to the websites. It is open source which means that the source code is public and has a very active and helpful community.

Another positive side of the WP CMS is that non-technical people can use it to build websites and to support websites based on the platform. 



Joomla is another popular open-source content management system that can be used for build of websites and apps. It has a powerful application framework that is used by the developers to build sophisticated add-ons that extend the power of Joomla into unlimited virtual directions.



Custom-build platforms require more resources and a technical team to build and then support the website. They are used for big websites and have unique and highly sophisticated design and features. Not necessary to mention they are not cheap.


Visual presentation of your products

Having a good product which can be desirable from the people isn’t enough to sell it. How you present your products is very important. 



The photographs of the products are of high importance when you are selling products online. People need to have enough visual materials from which to decide if they want to buy a certain product. Pictures must be of good quality, the product has to be shown from each angle, in some photographs of the product it is good to have a clean background and pictures must be clear.



Videos are getting more and more popular lately. Such content is easy to consume and shows much more than listing just the description and few photos of the products or services you offer to your public.

This kind of content can positively influence your visitors and convert them into buyers. It isn't easy and cheap to create professional videos, because they require a good camera and professional software for video editing, but can definitely be beneficial.


Graphic design

Graphic design has always been part of the branding of a company. It includes all printable and digital materials that one brand can propagate. It can make your social channels more lively and attract more attention to the company’s products. 



The creation of a business is always associated with a lot of documentation related to its legalization, payments procedures that allow customers to make convenient payments, shipping and other administrative needs that have to be organized.



Opening a company requires an accountant or at least someone who will keep track of all the company’s invoices, orders and payments.
These documents should look similar, so the branding of the company will be recognized.


Payment methods

When your company starts to operate it's important to have at least two easy payment methods, so your customers will be able to pay via online transfers or cash. Think about options you can use when starting your business.


Shipping methods

If operating with physical products, you must have shipping methods. Either you are working with the local post office or some private logistic companies, your customers should be able to receive their newly purchased goods fast and save either in an office of the transportation company or at the door of their own homes or offices.


Terms and conditions

Another “Must Have” for a business is the terms and conditions section on your website or in the contract. You should research what are the common terms and conditions in the area you operate in and decide on what is important for your own business, so you can set reasonable rules for the use of your services. 



Creating and imposing a new business isn't an easy task but if this is something that will make you feel good at the end of the day, if it's your mission to bring something good to the world, do not give up no matter how hard it may be in the beginning. In the end, what matters is the satisfaction in one's life and if having your own product and operating a company is something you desire - start small today, and you will achieve great success in the future. 

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