Why the statement Newsletters Are Dead isn’t correct?

If someone subscribes to your newsletter, half of your marketing job is done because you already kept their attention, and they are committed to giving you their precious email address. This is a great opportunity to get your content exposed, and your blog readers informed about your top content. Most people scan at least the subject line of their email before deleting them. This is your opportunity to get their attention.


What is the use of a newsletter and how it can help your business grow?

Newsletters are a great way to promote your content and to keep your audience informed about your top products and content, as we already mentioned. This might be the beneficial part for your business, but for a consistently high open rate and readers’ engagement in the long term, you need to give your subscribers added value and a reason for them to want to receive and read your emails regularly. 

This can happen only if you provide them with useful information they personally can apply and benefit from.


How to define if a newsletter is good or bad?


If you count on a newsletter to curate content that informs you about the latest news in a niche, you will expect to receive it regularly. On the other hand, they are meant to save you time reading daily about all topics which you’re interested in. Having these two facts in mind, you should make a good sending schedule, so you keep your reader’s interest.


Tailored emails with messages to the receiver seem like they are being opened more frequently. You’d better consider an algorithm that takes the user’s data and implements it as per your reader’s interest. For example, the person who reads your blog is interested in the tech articles you publish. Don’t send regular emails with marketing information, send tech content only. Especially after a period of time when you gathered information on what your readers are interested in and which emails are more likely to be opened. 


Engaging newsletters are: 

Relevant – It relates directly to the reader’s interests. Imagine you are interested in web hosting and signed for a topic newsletter, and they start sending you emails with fashion articles and adverts. You definitely will unsubscribe. 

Interesting – The newsletter’s content has to be either educational, entertaining or delightful to its receivers.

Valuable – Added value is what keeps people’s interest and attention to a company. If the content you create and distribute teaches the readers or provides them with something useful, they will continue coming back and stay engaged. This is the right way towards success.


What are the lead magnets and how to use them?

A lead magnet is a marketing term that is used for a free item or service given in exchange for contact details of website visitors. For example, such lead magnets can be:

  • Free samples

  • Promo codes

  • PDF’s with useful information

  • White papers

  • Checklists

  • Free consultations


These were some of the most popular lead magnets. In each niche, they can vary depending on the customer’s interests and what your goal is. 

If you know your audience and offer the visitors of your website a good freeby, they potentially will have an interest in signing in and will benefit from this item. This strategy can help your list-building grow faster.

Once you gain yourself the reputation that the newsletter you send ads value to your readers, you can start sending them a little bit of advertising content. But never overdo this. Keep the percentage of valuable information much higher than the advertisements in your newsletter.  



Always strive to provide your readers with useful information. The difference between inferior marketing and successful marketing is that the first one tries to simply sell you an item or service. The second one gives its audience added value. Providing your followers with added value and this way increasing their trust in the company is the key to successful marketing and should be implemented in the overall strategy, whether it concerns social media channels, blog posts, sales funnels or newsletters. 

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