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Having a blog is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, humanize your brand, and turn yourself into industry credibility. Building a successful one is a long process of constantly creating new relevant and useful to the topic content. Even though it requires a lot of work and dedication the benefits of having one can make the effort worthwhile.   


Content Marketing 

You might have heard the phrase Content is King

Content Marketing is a strategy that is based on creating and distributing meaningful, related to the topic content. This can help you build a strong relationship with your readers and later on to convert well in sales. Blogging is a common form of content marketing that is used to grab and retain the attention of a clearly defined audience and at the end to drive profitable customer actions.


Humanize your brand

To express company values, speaking for your products and services professionally with deep knowledge on the topic may impact positively your company. It’s well known that a big percent of consumers feel positive about a corporate brand after reading their blog.

Don’t try to directly sell your product, educate your public, give meaningful advice on industry-related topics.

Humanize your blog

People love to see what’s behind the company. Show them your true face. Talk about the people behind the company, showcase studies of success and failure because they both are part of real-life and be true to yourself.


A blog gives you industry credibility

Credibility shows customers that you’re safe and trustworthy - website visitors will need to be persuaded before they feel comfortable enough to take a chance on your business. Dedication and plenty of high-quality articles are needed to reach a certain level of trust and become a media that is considered a reliable source of information. Once achieved this approach will bring you a lot of traffic and will make your website more favourable in the search engines of Google.


Another good way to make your blog more credible is to have people proficient with the related topic to share your article and say its worth reading or invite them to write about a specific subject for you. That’s a good way to get more reach and people will undoubtedly notice that your article is shared by an expert in the theme, and you are working with people who are known in the industry.


A blog increases your SEO performance

By creating quality content that is useful for users, you will not only attract visits to your website but also help your website to rank in a better position in Google.

When speaking about SEO most people think about the more technical part of the process such as enhancing metadata and URLs. But if you keep yourself well-informed on the topic you might already have noticed some other aspects which are of high importance for your SEO performance. 

Google Freshness Algorithm

Search engines love fresh, content that is relevant and blogging is one of the most straightforward and inexpensive methods for businesses to achieve this.

Back in 2010, Google announced the Freshness Algorithm which key intention is to provide greater emphasis on the importance of recentness of the information in the published content, specifically in areas such as news, politics, popular people, trends etc where the user is expected to want to know the most current information. 

That’s why blogging is one of the greatest tools you can use to climb in the SERP results



Keywords are really important for your pages to be found. You have to always keep in mind that you are writing not for the search engines but the people that read your articles. The algorithms are getting better and better in understanding natural language every year.

Another thing you have to be careful with is the keyword density. As with many things in SEO, there is no official information about the percentage of keywords per page, but accordingly, the SEO community roughly around 2-3 % is considered a good benchmark. This way the desired word is mentioned enough times to show what the page is about without engaging in keyword stuffing.



There is another trend that affects searches with specific questions. Try to directly answer the questions people are looking for in order to provoke the attention of the search engines. This way your page may be displayed with a featured snippet in the results of Google or returned as a voice search result.


Increases Sales

Use your blog to position more call to actions and write articles which are actionable, helpful and relevant. Give your customers insightful information about your products when discussing a topic related issue and tell them how your product can help in solving their issues. This way you can also create good internal links which will weight better pages inside your website, this also helps for SEO.

Increase your sales

Create Specific Lead Magnets

Ask your readers to engage on an even bigger scale by asking them to join your newsletter, so they can be notified of future articles and promotions. Create posts that engage the public and brings them to your social media and let them download useful e-books or other content which requires actions. 



Blogging definitely requires a lot of writing and dedication but starting one will benefit your business and will help you to grow a better connection with your customers in a creative and engaging way. You will be able to show the more personable side of the company and become known and trusted media in your business niche while getting a better position in the search engine results. Don’t lose time and start your own brand blog today!

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