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Up to 50% off hosting for Christmas

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Save up to 50% with epic discounts on our KVM VPS, NVMe Dedicated Instances, OpenVZ VPS and Shared Hosting!


Who doesn’t like the holidays? This time we decided to provide one of our best Christmas deals ever for everyone, who wants to purchase our products. The most pleasing aspect of our campaign is that if you buy a server/hosting as part of this deal, you get a recurring discount for future renewals as well. The offer will be applied for new services only and is valid for the base price only (and not for the add-ons like cPanel/DirectAdmin license).
The promo is valid till January 3, 2021 or until the stocks run out, whichever comes first.


What are the discounts?

  • 33% off for our KVM VPS (from €10/mo.)

  • 50% off for the VDS with dedicated CPU & NVMe storage (from €37.50/mo.)

  • 20% off for OpenVZ VPS (from €8/mo.)

  • 20% off powerful & optimized Shared Hosting (from €4/mo.)


What would you get?

  • 100% fast SSD Storage (NVMe for VDS);

  • 2nd generation AMD EPYC performance CPU for KVM VPS and VDS;

  • Intel Xeon for OpenVZ and Shared Hosting;

  • Shared hosting with LiteSpeed, Imunify360, daily backups & more;

  • Optional advanced DDoS protection (up to 1.8Tbps+);

  • Highly professional support from our experts;

  • Sofia Data Center, TOR friendly & privacy protected, DMCA ignore;

  • Windows Servers OS supported on KVM VPS or VDS;

  • Pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin as well as credit cards.


What would you lose?

In all honesty, you’re going to lose your heart after falling in love with our servers. However, if you are worried about the money stuff, we have a 30-day moneyback guarantee with no questions asked.


Hurry up and try it now! 


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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