Our VDS is now on NVMe. And for 50% the price!

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We are extremely excited to announce a huge upgrade of our VDS hosting service. Our team has been working hard to integrate and test a new and refreshed hardware for our dedicated instances service. You can now get a Virtual Dedicated Server with 2-gen AMD EPYC CPU and NVMe storage.


We made our VDS 50% faster for the same price!

Thanks to the new AMD EPYC, our VDS is now way faster. And this price-to-performance ratio is before any discounts (read on to find more about our current Christmas discount). In February 2020, we began rolling out new hardware with AMD EPYC and implement it step by step in all of our services. First it was the KVM VPS and now, we can proudly say that we are ready for our VDS services as well.


Besides being fast, the AMD EPYC CPU is more secure and reliable than our previous CPU platform Intel Xeon Skylake. You can read how exactly this chip is more secure in one of our previous posts.


We ran CPU performance tests using the Geekbench 4.3.3 Linux tool on our VDS 32GB - 8 CPU cores and 32GB of RAM. 


The results are:



Quite impressive, right?


Also, we decided to use a NVMe storage for the VDS service. In short - NVMe operates five to six times faster than SATA III SSD. The standard SATA III SSD maxes out at a throughput of 600 MB/s. The NVMe drives on the other hand could reach 3500 MB/s of writing/reading, which is a huge improvement. 


In addition, we have updated our billing plans. The NVMe space is increased by 20% and we deployed two brand new plans, VDS 24GB and VDS 48GB. You can see the specifications on our VDS product page.


Are you ready to test these super powerful servers? 


We hope you do, because …


We give 50% off for all VDS plans!

Yes, you read it right! You can buy a new high-performing VDS for half a price. The discounted prices start from €37.50 excluding VAT and are valid for new services only. It is recurring, meaning that it will be applied for renewals too. It does not apply for extra services such as cPanel license, additional IP addresses, etc.


There has never been a better time to upgrade and to improve your application with the latest technology, AMD EPYC and NVMe. 


Ready? Deploy your lightning fast server now!

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