We always try to exceed our customers’ needs and providing top performance servers has always been one of our top priorities. From the very beginning, VPSBG used the latest and most powerful Intel CPU based servers. We are always researching and testing new generation CPUs so that we can choose wisely based on cost and performance to provide the most efficient services. 


For all of our KVM VPS nodes we have decided to use the second-generation AMD EPYC (Rome) and soon the latest third generation Milan.


Why we have chosen AMD EPYC CPUs

After the events like the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities discovered the past two years, our team has been working very hard to plan and to deploy the best available solution for providing more security and avoid such events impacting our customers in the future. We are always monitoring for any security issues and immediately update our systems when a patch becomes available. However, these patches, in particular, introduced a reduced CPU performance process of our servers. So we decided to replace our servers with AMD EPYC CPUs which are secure and much faster. We use it for all newly activated servers and customers with servers activated before November 2019 we will be migrating them in the future to the new CPUs.


Yes, for many years Intel was the market leader in processor manufacturing, but now it is clear that AMD is dominating the market the past few years with its new chips.



Let’s talk about security

We, at VPSBG, consider that the privacy and security of our customers are one of the most important aspects that we have to focus on. So having good hardware security is a high priority. AMD gives us one more reason to choose the EPYC CPUs for our services - implemented very high security in the hardware with a separate secure chip and clever security solutions.


Virtualization is meant to provide full isolation to the virtual machines. This isolation can be put at risk by sophisticated attacks by using vulnerabilities of the CPU that may allow dumping the memory between the virtual machines and thus a risk of getting decryption keys. AMD came up with a solution to this problem.


The AMD EPYC processors help protect privacy by encrypting each virtual machine with a unique key that is known only to the processor and isolated with a secure chip element. This ensures that even with access to the host, the RAM is encrypted and cannot be dumped or viewed in any way so all server data stays secure and encrypted at all times.


You can read more about the security here.


We are very excited by the fact that we are designing a new hardware platform that will significantly boost the server's performance, security, and reliability.


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