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Why did VPSBG choose NVME over SATA SSDs?

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Sending and retrieving information is vital in any type of technology. The faster these processes are, the quicker given tasks can be executed. Seeing how information transfer speed is at the core of everything ranging from computers and smartphones to servers, it is important to acknowledge the impact that different information storage mediums can have on this process. Therefore in this article we will focus on why we at VPSBG prefer to use NVMe storage over regular SATA SSDs.

NVMe - the king of rapid information transfer

What is NVMe storage? NVMe, short for ‘Non-Volatile Memory Express’, is a protocol that enables lightning-fast and nearly instantaneous data transfer between the host and the memory system. Because of this, storage devices that implement this protocol are capable of achieving incredibly fast information transfer rates. But in what scenarios can NVMe storage be of use? In the field of hosting, NVMe technology is very important as a server needs to process information, regardless of whether it is retrieving or writing, extremely fast. For example NVMe storage decreases the response time of the database enabling rapid data transfer. This, on the other hand, makes the corresponding website much faster and decreases page loading and file retrieval times. Say you need to present a gallery onto your website, the faster the required images are retrieved from the server, the quicker they will appear on the page, which will result in better user experience. Moreover, any other actions that involve obtaining from or storing information on a disk will be performed much more rapidly on a server that is using NVMe storage. Additionally, NVMe as a protocol can also help avoid bottlenecks when it comes to the data transfer process, which can be beneficial for larger databases.


Most hosting providers still decide to use older SSDs with SATA, abbreviated from ‘Serial AT Attachment’, which is simultaneously a connector and a bus interface. Because of this, the data transfer rates are slower. For example, NVMe latency is just a couple of microseconds in comparison to SATA SSDs, which can lag behind 10 times as much. Furthermore, the read-write speed of NVMe can potentially reach 3000 MB/s in comparison to the 600 MB/s of SATA.

NVMe storage and our services

Given that we at VPSBG strive to provide our customers with the best possible service, we have decided to use NVMe storage as the times for both data retrieval and writing are exceptionally fast. Furthemore, we also use extremely powerful and premium Samsung NVMe storage disks that are capable of providing your server with an incredibly fast data process. Additionally, for a complete reference you can take a look at the results from our conducted benchmarks and other technical tests. What we also offer are our unique NVMe KVM virtual private servers (VPS) and virtual dedicated servers (VDS), which are run on a node using rapid NVMe storage that allows your server to have its own allocated resources without the need of them to be shared unlike shared hosting. The RAID configuration also ensures maximum performance.

Remember that data transfer speed is king

Overall, it is evident that NVMe storage is the future due to its characteristics and capabilities. It is because of this, combined with our drive to deliver the best possible service to our customers that we at VPSBG have decided to use this technology. And if you want to capitalize on the opportunity and make use of our unique and innovative servers, do not hesitate to contact us - remember that speed is essential when it comes to data transfer - the faster information shows up on your website/app, the better the user experience and satisfaction, which can lead to your success.

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