what is a virtual dedicated servers and when do you need a vds

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server? When do you need a VDS?

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A Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a different kind of virtual private server - VPS, which has dedicated CPU power, RAM and storage resources. Our Dedicated Servers for example are based on the KVM virtualization which provides our clients with better isolation between users.

While on KVM VPS some resources can be shared with others, with a VDS service you have all CPU threads assigned to your server only, avoiding the need to share the cores with other servers.

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server?

The VDS service looks and acts as a dedicated server, but has cloud features like scalability, automatic backups and snapshots to take greater care of your business, easy transfer and other crucial additional options. Because of that, we can say that VDS servers are the future when it comes to the Dedicated Cloud.

As we previously mentioned in the introduction of this article, a VDS is a server like every other but its processing power is completely dedicated so that it is not shared with other servers. You can spend 100% of the CPU and you can be sure that the full CPU power is reserved for you.

Every CPU thread is pinned to a specific VDS by the hypervisor. Our VDS service as an example is based on the powerful AMD EPYC chips and for storage we use one of the fastest NVMe SSD drives. This guarantees you receive high performance 100% of the time.

The future of the Dedicated Cloud

The industry is changing. Your applications require more power and each company needs to improve their products and services in order to meet customer demand and expectations.

We believe that Dedicated CPU servers are the future of the Dedicated Cloud because VDS servers address and resolve some issues like easy provisioning, upgrading without downtime, creating a backup or snapshot of the whole system as well as easy monitoring.

Such servers also save a lot of money, due to the fact that in the beginning you would probably need less CPU cores and you would want to scale-up when needed, which can be done easily when using a virtual dedicated server!

When do you need a VDS?

Not every website or application needs a Dedicated Server. The VDS service is suitable for customers with specific needs. As you may have guessed, Virtual Dedicated Servers have stable and predictable high performance, meaning that they are very suitable for projects that require a lot of CPU usage or just high performance in general. Moreover, using a VDS service gives you not only CPU power, but higher network and I/O performance.

To sum up, a VDS is a perfect choice for resource-needy applications with some examples being:

  • Online shops with a big amount of daily visitors and orders
  • General ecommerce websites
  • Heavy databases
  • Applications that do a lot of calculations
  • Heavy websites with a lot of resources
  • Media websites

If you are not sure whether your application needs to be hosted on a VPS or a VDS, do not hesitate and contact us!

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