affordable Microsoft office 365 and RDS licenses for windows cloud servers

Get cheap Microsoft Office & RDS licenses for your Windows VPS & VDS

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We at VPSBG are proud to announce that we are officially offering both Microsoft Office (Office 365) and Windows RDS licenses for our Windows VPS & VDS servers!

As an official Microsoft SPLA partner, we can now provide our clients with the option to purchase a Microsoft license directly from us! In addition to saving you time, money and resources, all licenses that you purchase from us come with greater flexibility, instant activation and detailed installation guides so that you can take your cloud server to the next level!

Affordable Microsoft Office Licenses for your Windows server

You can now get an Office 365 license for your cloud Windows server with just a single click! The software license includes all of the essential tools that you will need in order to manage your workflow including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook & Publisher!

You will have the ability to set file permissions and collaborate in a completely enclosed environment, located on your Windows cloud server. This makes it a fantastic option for not only individual clients, but also businesses and organizations that are looking to work in a confined virtual space due to the additional layer of data security and privacy protection. In addition to boosting your productivity, there are also other conveniences that come with getting an Office 365 license.

The greatest advantage of getting such a license directly from us is that you can remain flexible when it comes to the billing cycle. This is because our licenses are paid for on a monthly basis rather than having you purchase a product which has a one-time use.

This means that you don’t need to worry about installing a license on a particular machine. Instead, you can pay for the software each month, making you a lot more versatile should you wish to make changes to your system or if you decide that you don’t need the software any more.

However, it is important to mention that all licenses that you purchase from us at VPSBG can only be installed on our cloud servers!

Though you will have to install the software manually on your server, the process is super simple and takes no longer than a few minutes! Additionally, we have also created a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to install Office 365 on your cloud server as well as how to activate your Microsoft Office LTSC license!

Extra Windows RDS licenses

RDS, short for Remote Desktop Services, allows you to manage your Windows server remotely. Each Windows VPS or VDS server that you purchase from us has up to 2 concurrent RDP sessions that are completely free of charge!

If, however, you wish to get more sessions, you will need to purchase an additional RDS license. For example, you have just bought a fresh new Windows cloud server for your start-up company. You get 2 free RDP sessions that you can share between 2 members of your team. Then, your business starts taking off and you suddenly find yourself needing more sessions for the new people that are joining your team. You can then purchase a Windows RDS license and grant more people access to the server!

You’d think that more sessions would equal more problems, but that’s not the case! With Windows RDS you have the advantage of being able to activate encryption to further boost your data’s security. Not only that but you can also manually assign user permissions and more importantly - access control.

Similarly to the Office 365 licenses, you can remain flexible as our RDS licenses are billed on a monthly basis rather than being a single-time purchase. Additionally, it is also important to state that each RDS license that you buy from us can only be used on our Windows VPS or VDS servers!

Why choose Windows cloud servers?

Windows-based cloud servers have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. This is in part due to their recognizable interface and user familiarity with the operating system. This makes them not only a go-to choice for people who don’t have that much experience in the field of hosting, but also the perfect option for seasoned professionals.

Windows VPS & VDS servers are also highly scalable and support a wide range of different software and applications that can help you not only manage your server but also run it smoothly.

As an official Microsoft SPLA partner, we can offer you the option to purchase a Windows Server license directly from us at a lower price, while saving extra time and effort in the process. You can currently get a cloud VPS with Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022!

You can also check out our pricing for more information about our Windows servers and the cost of all additional Microsoft products! So, save money and time - grab a license today and boost your productivity!

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