vpsbg allows using services for crypto operations

VPSBG allows using services for crypto operations

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In the light of the recent events where the second largest Ethereum Mainnet host - Hetzner reiterated their stance on prohibiting their services from being used for any crypto-related operations, we at VPSBG wanted to express our views on the topic and share some information about our policies.

In contrast to the German giant, we want to state that we DO allow our customers to use their services for many cryptocurrency-related activities including running separate blockchain nodes, plotting, storage and trading of crypto as well as giving our clients the ability to utilize the servers for mining and farming.

This applies to all types of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin, the latter 2 of which we also accept as an alternative payment method for our services. We even have a separate crypto-accepted service named Bitcoin VPS. Not only that, but we also offer a 10% discount for all of our 12-month hosting plans!

As a cloud hosting provider, we want to support the thriving ecosystem and as a matter of fact, we encourage users seeking such crypto-friendly services to become a part of our family. 

We focus on protecting user privacy and anonimity

In addition to allowing our customers to pay anonymously using Bitcoin, we also strongly prioritize protecting their privacy as well as keeping their data secure at all times, due to which we utilize our own Bitcoin payment implementation in order to avoid using any third-party BTC transaction processors.

Moreover, we also strictly avoid using any third-party cookies, such as those generated by tools such as Analytics, anywhere across our website and we take great care and caution when it comes to protecting our clients’ data, because of which we also employ multiple levels of data encryption.

Overall, we want to support the existing crypto ecosystem and that is why we can assure you that our stance on allowing such crypto operations on our services remains, and will continue to remain, permanent.

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