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Accepted payment methods for our services

We want to continuously improve our services with the intention of providing our customers with the best possible experience.

Because of this, we are open to accepting different payment options for our cloud products as we like to be versatile. Not only that but we also want to allow our clients to pay in a way in which they feel comfortable.

Hence why we accept not only traditional payment methods such as card or bank transfers but also offer a range of alternatives such as crypto including Bitcoin, BTC Lightning Network and Litecoin.

We have been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2014

Cryptocurrencies have been a hotly debated topic over the last couple of years, but that hasn’t always been the case.

We at VPSBG are proud to have been offering our services in exchange for Bitcoin ever since 2014! This makes us one of the first hosting providers to accept such payments as an alternative when purchasing hosting.

Crypto transactions are beneficial when it comes to protecting user privacy. This is because payment information is safely encrypted and stored inside of the blockchain.

When paying with Bitcoin, you are transferring a given amount of BTC from one address to another, allowing you to remain anonymous when making a transaction.

Moreover, using crypto when making international payments is cheaper and faster. Such payments can arrive in a matter of minutes, rather than having to wait when using a traditional option such as a credit card or a bank transfer.

This is because larger sums can get blocked for an unspecified period of time because of security precautions. This, however, can be quite inconvenient when you need to make a larger payment on the spot.

Moreover, using Bitcoin to purchase any of our services is very easy to do. All you need is a device with Internet connection and a wallet that you can quickly set up, making paying for your server easy.

Last but not least, it is important to also note that we at VPSBG don’t use any third-party gateways. As a matter of fact we utilize our Bitcoin payment processing implementation. This allows us to further protect your information and data as the entire process is managed locally.

BTC Lightning Network & Litecoin

Additionally, we also offer our customers the option to make a transaction by using the BTC Lightning Network.

In fact, we have our personal Lightning Network routing node. You can find more information about it on the 1ML platform. You can open a channel with our node:


This is a very affordable and quick way to pay for your services that also enhances your privacy as transaction details are only shared between the participants in a given channel rather than being broadcasted to the whole blockchain network at real-time.

The Lightning Network also offers lower fees and faster speeds when making transactions that are not that large in size. This is why we have recently incorporated it as a viable option.

We also accept Litecoin payments for our services as well, allowing you to have versatility when buying a server using crypto.

Credit card & bank transfer

We also understand that you might not be interested in the world of crypto and you'd prefer to buy services using a more traditional route. No problem - you can always buy a server and pay either by using your credit card or by a bank transfer.

While these options do have their disadvantages, it is because your banking institution is trying to protect your privacy. This is why delays happen and manual payment authentication is often required. Despite this, they are still a viable choice.

Although these methods have been tried and tested over the years, you do need to be aware that international fees differ daily. This means that sometimes you might end up paying more than you would have if you were to pay using crypto. This shouldn’t discourage you as credit card and bank transfer are still a good payment option that you can use.

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Payment methods we accept:
Lightning Network (Bitcoin)
Credit card
Bank transfer