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How to upgrade your server plan

Do you need more resources for your cloud VPS or VDS server? You can easily upgrade your service to a new plan via the client area. Upgrades are automatically applied within a couple of minutes. However, VDS updates might take longer as we might need to migrate your dedicated instance to another node.

Start by logging into your client area

In order to begin the upgrade process, you need to first log into the client area. Once you have successfully entered your credentials and logged into the system, you need  to navigate to your services by using the section tab in the main menu.

How to upgrade your cloud VPS or VDS server

Firstly, locate the service that you wish to upgrade. Next, click on the ‘details’ button as shown in the following image:
active cloud serversFrom here, click on the ‘Upgrade Server’ button and select the plan that you wish to upgrade to. All that you need to do next is to simply select a payment method and click on the ‘continue’ upgrade planAfter your payment has been successfully processed and the order has been established, your server will be upgraded within a few minutes. And don't forget that you can also enable auto-renew to save you time!

IMPORTANT: You need to reboot your cloud server in order for the new plan to be applied.

IMPORTANT: If you upgrade your VDS server and the process has not been completed within 5 minutes, then you need to know that your instance is likely being migrated to a new node and we are going to contact you in order to provide you with some additional information.

How to upgrade your shared hosting account

Similar to our other services, you need to first locate the service that you wish to upgrade and click on the ‘details’ tab.

shared hosting servicesThe system will then take you to the details page of your shared hosting account. From there, click on the ‘upgrade’ tab.

select hosting upgrade

After selecting your plan and a payment method, your upgrade order will be created. Once the payment has been successfully made, your shared hosting account will be automatically upgraded within 3-5 minutes.

If the upgrade process fails or you stumble onto another issue or problem while trying to upgrade your service, do not hesitate to contact us!

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