Incomplete orders must be reviewed closely, and the reasons should be troubleshot and removed.

As opposed to the abandoned cart where the shoppers add items in their basket and leave the site without trying to pay, with incomplete orders the potential client has gone all the way through the payment process and despite all efforts he made he doesn’t successfully pay.


Popular reasons for incomplete orders

Dripping off

Often first-time shoppers add items to their basket and when something in the process doesn’t look legitimate to them in the payment funnel, or there are too many steps for them to complete, they decide to leave the website.


Payment gateway

Offer your customers each of the most popular payment methods, so they can choose which one to use.

Your payment gateway usually sends notifications or shows a "thank you" page to the customer if the order was paid successfully.

In case your customers don’t receive such a notification from your product cart, then review your payment gateway settings and make sure that you don’t have the wrong information saved in your “callback” URL.

Always double-check that all of your payment gateway and cart settings are accurate.

Also, the payment gateway should look like part of the website, so the UX design of the website should be applied there too.


The process takes too long

If the checkout process takes too long, often orders are left incomplete. 


Unexpected costs

To avoid abandonment of the order, make sure all additional costs are shown as early as possible. People are often drawn back when the price of an item drastically changes from the initial one shown at the beginning of their purchase


Just browsing

People usually do research before they buy, and this is completely normal. You can build a strategy that can draw those who are just browsing back as customers, sending them emails that review their searches and offer promo codes.


Found a better price

If the cost of the product is too high and many similar items on the market that are at a much lower price, shoppers may decide to buy from another seller. That’s why it's important to do good research and your online store to have reasonable pricing relative to the market.


Concerns about Payment Security

Any concerns about the security of the payment may have a dramatic effect. Make sure everything about your payment process looks legit and all legal and technical requirements are being met, and your website security certificate is valid.


UX Design

Always have in mind that your customers are actual people, and the same efforts you invest in the way your website looks and operates must be all the way to the end of the sale process.



Always use your analytics software to monitor your user’s behaviour. It is important to know what actions your website visitors actually perform so that you can adjust your website to the needs of your visitors. 

Make sure you pay attention to where the visitors drop off your site and always strive to offer them better options.



In order to reduce the number of incomplete orders, regularly review the statistics in your analytical software and make changes to your processes according to the user’s behaviours. Be up-to-date with the latest trends in the e-Commerce industry. Online customers are real people and need the same attention and feeling of security and legitimacy of the online shops as they do in the physical ones. 

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