affiliate program changes

Announcing: Affiliate Program Changes

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We are excited to announce that we are making changes to our affiliate program, giving you more freedom and benefits than ever before!

You will now be rewarded each month with a % commission based on the total MONTHLY server cost of ALL of your referred customers!

For starters, you get 5% commission of the TOTAL price of your referrals’ COMBINED monthly total server cost until your referrals reach a combined total of €100.

If the total cost is between €100 and €500, you get 10%! For a combined total between €500 and €2000 you will be getting a grand total of 15% and finally - you can get a whopping 20% if your referrals’ combined order cost is over €2000!

The simplified version:

  • 5%  - Combined referral monthly total server cost below €100
  • 10% - Combined referral monthly total server cost between €100 and €500
  • 15% - Combined referral monthly total server cost between €500 and €2000
  • 20% - Combined referral monthly total server cost over €2000

affiliate program changes

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that you bring in 3 new customers and each one of them gets our Cloud VPS 8GB hosting plan. Its default cost (without any discounts) is €64. If we add up the cost of all 3 servers, that would mean that the combined referral monthly total server cost is €192. This means that your commission index will be 10% and that you will get €19.20 added to your account balance each month thanks to our new affiliate program! You can also withdraw your earnings when you’ve reached a minimum of €50!

So, the more customers you refer, the higher your payout is going to be! Not only that but each referred customer helps you along the way, regardless of their server cost!

IMPORTANT: The total price is calculated only using the default server price and does not include any addons that your referrals purchase.

How can I participate?

You don’t need any technical experience and it’s completely free!

All you need to do is register if you haven’t already and start promoting our services across the Web! You could use social media, different forums, blogs, websites or any other website and online platform!

Additionally, you can also take advantage of the resources from our media kit.

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