We are happy to announce that we have updated our affiliate partnership program.

We welcome everyone who is passionate about web hosting, VPS and VDS services to become our partner and earn additional income. There is no other requirement than being registered on our website. Let us give you a bit more information about our brand-new partnership terms.

Once logged into the VPSBG.EU client area, you will find your personal affiliate link that can be used for inviting new customers. You can share it via message or write an engaging article and place the link there. If you would like to promote our services on your website, you can use our banners. If you request, we can creatе a customized banner that will fit better your website design. Surely, this way you will draw bigger attention from your audience to our services.

If this sounds good to you, the question of what you have to invest and how much you can earn comes naturally.

You can invest in many ways, but mostly it would require some time and effort to promote our products. You wouldn’t have to pay any fees or commissions as part of our partnership program, though. Register, promote, earn. 


How does it work?

Everyone, who makes a purchase using your personal affiliate link, will bring you a one-time 50% commission of the monthly service plan price as long as they stay our clients for at least 45 days.


What will you and your clients benefit from?

You can use your earnings as a credit to purchase our services at any time. If you wish, you can also withdraw your commissions. The minimum amount is 50 EUR.

At the same time, the clients, which use your referral link, will get a discount on the products as follows:

  • 33% off KVM VPS and Dedicated Instance

  • 20% off OpenVZ and Shared Hosting


What are the possibilities?

Now, let us give you a possible scenario. You create an engaging post using our advertising materials with your affiliate link. Imagine, 100 people decide to check it out, and 20 of them decide to purchase our high-performance KVM VPS 32GB. The math is simple. The original price of this product is 240 euros. Your customers will get it with a 33% discount. Now, 240 x 20 (price x customers) equals 4800 euros. Your commission bonus is 50% of that, 2400 euros. We appreciate that you bring us a new client, and you are happy with your earnings.


If you have any questions regarding our partnership program, you may as well check out our affiliate page, or send us an email. Let’s partner up!

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