releasing docker, wireguard vpn, nextcloud and wordpress application templates

Introducing App Templates

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We at VPSBG are proud to announce that we are introducing application templates that you can use to install some of the most famous apps on your server with just a single click! Our initial release batch includes Docker, WireGuard VPN, NextCloud & WordPress! All app templates are open-source and free to install!

Docker on VPS

Docker is an open-source software that allows you to break down your applications into containers and deploy them on any machine, eliminating operating system requirements as well as any other libraries and software dependencies.

This containerization process makes it extremely easy for you to upload any app to your VPS server, allowing for higher scalability and app reusability! Additionally, our new Docker VPS service will also grant you access to Docker Compose, which you can use to find any app that you need and simply deploy it onto your server within a few clicks!

Docker works similarly to a virtual server as each container runs independently from the others. This isolation means that you can run multiple apps simultaneously with each one having its own container and settings, allowing you to change them without impacting other applications on the same server! This can be particularly useful if you have a number of apps running on different versions of the same programming language.

WireGuard VPN on your VPS

The WireGuard VPN protocol is currently the fastest open-source VPN software on the market (and it is completely free)! Having a VPN installed on your VPS server comes with many different benefits.

Firstly, with a WireGuard VPN on a VPS you will get increased security and privacy, which will ultimately protect you from hackers, snoopers and eavesdroppers, especially if you were to connect from a public WiFi network. Additionally, using a VPN can also protect your data and search history from your ISP as well.

Secondly, you also get unrestricted and unlimited access to geographically restricted content including media that you couldn’t previously access.

Thirdly, such a server can be incredibly useful for businesses and companies that have employees working remotely, allowing for a secure online working environment.

We at VPSBG take great caution when it comes to protecting our users’ privacy. Because of this, we employ strict privacy-protection policies that will guarantee that no-logs of your activity will be kept on your VPN server. You can also manually verify this by root accessing your VPS. Additionally, we will always remain transparent and even provide you with the source code that we have used to create and install the app template onto the server so that you can be assured that your privacy is our top priority.

Your initial user profile will be automatically generated and stored in your server. You can access it via SSH and immediately connect to your VPN server and start using it in a matter of minutes!

You will also be able to access your WireGuard server in order to create new user profiles or remove old ones as well as to manage each one’s permissions. This allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices to your VPN server for free!

VPS with NextCloud

NextCloud is a self-hosted, open-source file sharing and management application. It is a very good alternative to online cloud storage providers as it is more privacy-oriented and has multiple levels of encryption that you can set up.

In general, NextCloud is mainly used to store files and to allow users to work on different projects simultaneously. The software has multiple different features that make it much more secure and optimized to use compared to traditional cloud storage providers.

Firstly, all of the files and data will be locally stored on your personal NextCloud VPS server rather than being hosted in the cloud. This makes it substantially more difficult for information to be leaked, stolen or sold.

Secondly, NextCloud also supports multiple levels of encryption including server-side, client-side and in-transit encryption. While it does need to be manually set up, this extra level of protection will guarantee the safety of your files and data.

Additionally, NextCloud also allows admins to adjust user access permissions, check storage usage per account as well as set any individual requirements per user for extra security. There are also other monitoring tools that can be used, making the platform a very good environment for collaborative work if you are running a business, but also want to ensure that everything remains secure.

The application also supports such collaborative work by having shared calendars, meeting scheduling options, calls and messaging options as well as virtual white boards and web conferencing tools.

Finally, it is also important to mention that NextCloud is completely free and is entirely GDPR-compliant making it a great option for European users.

VPS with WordPress

The final app template from our initial batch is none other than the world-famous content management system - WordPress.

WordPress is an entirely open-source CMS that can be used to create and manage websites. Its giant, constantly-updated library of themes, templates and plugins allows users without any prior technical experience to easily set up and run their own website within minutes!

With our WordPress VPS, you can easily migrate your website from an existing shared hosting plan and get substantially more server resources! Not only that, but a VPS is also highly scalable, meaning that you will always be able to accommodate any fluctuations in your traffic. Have a website that sees an increase in visits during a set season? No problem, just get more resources for your server and then downgrade when your traffic starts to lower. You don’t have to pay for resources that you don’t use!

Additionally, you will also get a free SSL certificate with your VPS server that you can install with just a few clicks. This will not only help your website’s overall performance, but will also signal to users and search engines that your website is secure.

Website management is also easy with WordPress as you can just download any theme and plugin, allowing you to customize the design and functionality of your website. Just make sure to constantly update your WordPress installation as well as any themes and plugins that you use.

Finally, it is important to mention that all of our templates are also available for our VDS servers as well, meaning that you can always get a more powerful instance with dedicated CPU cores if you need to do so! These are our initial selection of app templates, but stay tuned as we are constantly working on deploying new ones with some upcoming examples being FastPanel, CyberPanel, Joomla, GitLab, Drupal and a full Laravel stack!

You can also check out our GitHub repository and have a look at the installation scripts that we use when setting up a cloud server with a given template!

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