After another price increase announced by cPanel, we started thinking about partnership options with alternative control panel creators, and we are so happy to announce that VPSBG is now providing DirectAdmin licenses. This means that you can purchase a license directly from us along with your next VPS, or separately if you already have a server.


What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a control panel software which helps you to manage your server, like cPanel. In fact, DirectAdmin is considered to be the best alternative to cPanel. It is developed by JBMC Software and the first version of the software was released back in 2003.


Is it completely comparable to cPanel?

Here we will be completely honest with you, in terms of usability and features, yes, it is. The software supports all popular web servers - Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, and OpenLiteSpeed. It has support for both MySQL and MariaDB. Our favourite webmail clients, RoundCube and SquirrelMail, are also provided. 


While cPanel supports only CentOS/CloudLinux, DirectAdmin supports Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS/CloudLinux and FreeBSD.


You can find the complete list of all provided features on the official website.


Okay, up to now, everything is cool, but what are the prices?

DirectAdmin has an advantage here in comparison to cPanel, it is cheaper.


The prices we offer for DirectAdmin licenses are the following:

  • Plan Personal (10 domains, 1 account): 16 EUR per year

  • Plan Lite (50 domains, 10 accounts): 10 EUR per month

  • Plan Standard (Unlimited domains and accounts): 20 EUR per month


And here are our cPanel license prices after the increase:

  • Up to 5 accounts: 14 EUR per month

  • Up to 30 accounts: 20 EUR per month

  • Up to 50 accounts: 30 EUR per month

  • Up to 100 accounts: 38 EUR per month

  • Up to 150 accounts: 42 EUR per month

  • Up to 200 accounts: 52 EUR per month

  • Up to 400 accounts: 92 EUR per month

All prices exclude VAT.


Amazing! How can I order a license?

Since we provide DirectAdmin licenses to our customers, you can buy it while you are making an order for your next high-performance server. If you already have a server, you can buy it from our client area (click on Order additional products/services).

DirectAdmin will be installed automatically on your new server if you buy a license with us.


Are you ready to deploy your server with DirectAdmin?

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